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Stop Drop and Dance®

Stop Drop And Dance® is an easy-to-follow, cardio dance workout to mainstream pop and hip hop songs. It is best experienced in our live Zoom classes, but sometimes it is helpful to breakdown the movements first. That's what you will find on our YouTube Channel: a preview of our dances and an opportunity to practice them first on your own.

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Why we Stop Drop And Dance.

Marianne Jacobson

Grace & Stop Drop and Dance changed my life! I did not even know my life needed changing but as a dancer (Kinder-College), I missed dance in my life so when my dear friend Sandy A. invited me to her dance class in summer of 2019, I jumped at the chance.

I was hooked from the 1st class! The positive vibes, peppy music and fun choreography were all terrific and the rush from the endorphins and immeasurable amount of sweat was just what I needed. I dance with Grace 4 times a week now and try never to miss. Her class always puts me in a good mood…a wonderful way to start the day! I have lost 20 pounds since that first class and feel (and look) like a kid again!

Not only is Stop Drop & Dance good for the body, but it is good for the soul! She is kind and giving and a good listener. Grace is an amazing communicator and shares deeply personal stories which enhance all of our lives. Her blogs, posts, tutorials, classes and videos are all impressive…she is a talented writer, dancer, choreographer & teacher. She makes me want to be a better person, and take action. I am so grateful to have Grace & Stop Drop and Dance in my life, especially now!

Lorna Kirk

I started Grace’s dance class a few years ago when I was at one of the lowest times in my life.   Grace’s energy, her song selection, and her choreography left me feeling a bit lighter with each class. But it’s actually Grace that makes me never want to miss it, puts a smile (or a good tear) on my face and is one of the highlights of my week.  Grace’s dance class is my church and Grace is my angel.  

Thank you for pulling me up and helping me to feel not only like I’m doing something good for myself, but because she is always dancing for fundraisers or raising awareness, I’m doing good for our community.  Thank you, Grace!!

Laura Seligsohn

In fall of 2016, after hearing for years that I should check out this dance class from a mom friend, I ventured into Grace’s class, me, a non dancer who saw any kind of organized dance as at once distasteful (stuck up) and out of reach.  My exercise life had been linear, running, biking , swimming, and some soccer. My pursuits had been cerebral, great success of the left brain, analytical. The masculine principle, with its own beauty and its own design was disproportionately organizing this woman’s life.

But I had a secret inner life of music, which was starting to develop with my own songwriting. And there was a little girl who used to do high kicks and dance all over the house to RandB. My inner dancer/ feminine was Sleeping Beauty and I walked right by her unaware for about 3 decades of this life…...

One class and my life changed. I have been a devotee ever since. In Stop Drop and Dance, I have reunited the top and bottom of my body :), I have moved to the music, I have found the 4, the 8, the accent on the 2, I have found new music I love, and the feeling of dancing to the music, community and humor with happy and striving people, with Grace’s fantastic teaching and inspiration is in a word freedom. And in another word, joy. I am free, reunited with my self, the girl who became the student and forgot joy, I connect to my now late mom, who loved dance, whom my dad ridiculed for what I now recognize as her feminine approach to life. I am only now starting to embrace this path for myself and see how much of the feminine I rejected in my striving for excellence and transcendence.

Dance and specifically the hip hop songs return me to my source spiritually, as a woman, and as a girl, and connect me within and without with the joyful sanctity and celebration that is dance.

When friends tell me oh they would feel self conscious to come to dance I explain that literally there is no room for self consciousness because Grace creates in every way a space for belonging, within oneself, between and among us, teacher and student, so that we can hear and dance to the heavenly music of the spheres, which in my heart have a hip hop beat.

Even on my worst days over these years of dance, getting to the floor helps me, even when I lost my mom, even when a relationship was breaking my heart, and on my best days, birthdays, days when I had time for a cappuccino and even a bike ride later, dance lifted me higher and grounded me at the same time.

So grateful.

Seran Kim

Dancing with Grace is healthy for the body, and food for the soul. Grace makes dancing accessible and fun for EVERYONE - whether a seasoned dancer or one with "two left feet." She combines amazing choreography with the best playlists. The cardio dance workouts are challenging and heart-pumping, but you forget you are working out since they are SO MUCH FUN!

Sophie Davies

Grace's dance classes are my saving grace and a much needed tonic during an unsettling time. Grace's energy, constant smile and dance routines give me so much joy. They are the best way to start or end your day by giving you a feel-good boost of energy and sense of community!

Sandy Aley

Grace’s dance class is the best part of my day; it is a great workout and uplifting! She is truly a gift; she teaches with grace, humility, encouragement, and enthusiasm! Her philosophy is like no other; there is no wrong way to dance; just feel good, feel free and have fun!

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