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September 13, 2022

September 13, 2022

Dear Friends,

"Don't wait for miracles. 
Your whole life is a miracle." 

- Albert Einstein

This morning in Stop Drop and Dance, I planned to share with the class that today was my oldest daughter's 11th birthday.  What I didn't plan for was, the flood of emotion that came over me suddenly right after I said it out loud to everyone. 

Excitement, anticipation, fear, determination, worry, gratitude...

Excitement, when I first found out I was pregnant and heard her heartbeat on the ultrasound.
Anticipation, while I waited for the first 13 weeks to pass so I could share the happy news with friends and family.
Fear, when only a week later, I bled all over my Kindergarten classroom floor and was told I should terminate my pregnancy.
Determination, as I chose to go on bedrest for the next few months and do anything possible to save my baby. 
Worry, as I desperately waited (and read, watched TV, and cross-stitched) for the next 6 months to go by.
Gratitude, when I made it to 39 weeks and delivered a healthy, beautiful, strong baby girl.

In those few seconds of reliving those difficult memories from 11 years ago, I totally forgot what choreography I was doing and started completely flailing in the dance routine we were on. 

So I just decided to stop focusing on teaching, and instead share why my daughter's birthday is so special to me.

She is my miracle baby for certain!  But the emotions I felt went beyond just about my daughter being born.  I felt that overwhelming gratitude for every single one of us being born.  Whether you, as a baby in your mother's womb, were born with complications like mine, or were born with the smoothest pregnancy... it is all incredibly, unbelievably, wonderfully, genuinely AMAZING. 

You are a miracle.  
I am a miracle.
My daughter is a miracle.


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Thank you for being you. 
I am grateful to know you.