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Will you please vote for The Power With Grace?

November 21, 2022

November 17, 2022

Dear Friends,

Please cast a vote for us!

Earlier today I received an email from one of our members, Jennifer Overaa, that began with, "Will you please promote yourself with your group?"

She shared that she had just voted for "The Power With Grace" in the Marin IJ Readers Choice Awards for 2023, and that I should try to win one of the categories by asking all of you to vote too.

Yes, this is totally uncomfortable for me!!!

But after a few more email exchanges back and forth with Jennifer, I realized that yes, if I won, that would be free marketing for my classes, and of course I want to share my passion with as many people as possible (cue my marketing pro friend, Susan G Schroeder, here!).

Will you take a few minutes to vote in these 7 easy steps?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Category: Entertainment & Activities
  3. Scroll down to Dance Studio and type in "Stop Drop and Dance"
  4. Click on the Category: Health & Wellness
  5. Scroll (way) down to Personal Fitness Instructor (and Business Name) and type in "Grace Yu (The Power With Grace)"
  6. Vote for at least 8 other categories/items (need a minimum of 10 votes for ballot to count!)
  7. Submit and you're done!

Whatever happens, thank you SO much for taking the time to help promote The Power With Grace to the greater community!

CanDo Auction is Live!

We are donating a Stop Drop and Dance class to raise money for the Miller Creek School District.  It will be the first Friday night after the New Year and we will be teaching it like the old days... glow in the dark style!This is a parent-child event (adults are welcome to come by themselves, but please do not drop-off kids unsupervised).  If you are not in the district, that is always ok if you just want to come and dance for a good cause!

Please spread the word if you live in the area and want to support our local school districts!

If you have a school auction, fundraiser, or birthday idea, please reach out at to find out how you can host a class and raise money for your special cause!

Click here to sign up!

Thanksgiving Schedule and Beyond

We have a full schedule of regular classes next week!  Come join us if you have the week off, and don't forget, kids are always free with a parent!

Saturday, November 19th:
9:30am Stop Drop and Dance @OneThorndale

Tuesday, November 22nd:
9:30am Stop Drop and Dance @UUMarin

Wednesday, November 23rd:
9:30am HIIT Camp 30/30 (bring dumbbells) and
10:45am All-Levels Yoga @UU Marin

*THANKSGIVING* Thursday, November 24th:
9:30am 75-minute Stop Drop and Dance @UUMarin
Happy Birthday Ariana Amini!

Saturday, November 26th:
9:30am Stop Drop and Dance @OneThorndale

Live classes will be cancelled Tuesday, November 29th to Saturday, December 3rd.

Some of you may remember back in March when 40 of us were supposed to be in Tulum on our very first dance, fitness, and yoga retreat.

However, the resort had an outbreak of Norovirus and we had to cancel the retreat just 3 days beforehand.  So instead of being in Tulum the next day, these dancers showed up to our regular class venue at UUMarin in their tanks, disappointed, but together.

We will be traveling to Tulum the week after Thanksgiving for our postponed retreat, and classes will resume on Tuesday, December 6th.  All classes from the previous week will be recorded and available online on our website.

Thank you for your support to help me grow "The Power With Grace" and maybe our next retreat can be 100 people =)