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What are your SMART summer goals?

June 14, 2021

June 14, 2021

Dear Friends,

Summer is here!

First of all, to all the graduates or parents/grandparents of graduates, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I have loved seeing the family photos on social media of graduation parties and ceremonies, from preschool, to 5th grade, 8th grade, high school, college, and beyond! What a tremendous accomplishment, and I am so happy that your graduates were able to finish off an unusual pandemic year with timely in-person gatherings and celebrations!

Those before and after photos... those pull heavy on my heartstrings!!! 
Time flies by too quickly!!!

What are SMART goals?

Every 2 years, I have to renew my American Council of Exercise Group Fitness Certification with 20 hours of continuing education credits. A few weeks ago, I completed a Fitness Nutrition Specialist Program, and one of the many takeaways was learning the goal setting acronym: S.M.A.R.T. - specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals.

With summer schedules changing up some of our routines, it can be a good opportunity to set some new goals. For some people, it may be health and fitness-oriented goals. For others, it may be learning a new skill or hobby, or completing a project.

For me, my goal is to deepen the relationship with my girls.

Unfortunately, my intention "to deepen the relationship with my girls" (Example 1) requires much more fine-tuning, as do most goals such as these generic, fictional examples: "I want to be healthier" (Example 2) or "I want to work on the backyard" (Example 3).

So let's turn our intentions into S.M.A.R.T. goals.

S = Specific: Your goal should be very clear and easy to understand.
Example 1: Deepen relationship = Have one-on-one talking and hang out time with my girls.
Example 2: Be healthier =
Exercise regularly each week.
Example 3: Work on the backyard =
Plant a garden in the backyard.

M = Measurable: Your goal should have a number to reach and track.
Example 1: Have one-on-one talking and hang out time 15 minutes a day with my girls.
Example 2: Exercise
at least 5 times a week.
Example 3: Set up 
5 3x6 garden beds.

A = Attainable: Your goal should be within your limits and be reasonable to acheive.
Example 1: Have one-on-one talking and hang out time for 15 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week with my girls.
Example 2: Take an exercise class 5 times a week that is
at least 20 minutes long.
Example 3: Grow
at least one plant in each of 5 3x6 garden beds.

R = Relevant: Your goals should be important to you right now, versus doing it for others.
Example 1: My girls are growing up too fast and I want to establish open communication opportunities before they become teenagers.
Example 2:
I want to travel more and be able to walk around all day and sightsee without getting tired.
Example 3: I want to grow my own food because
I love to cook.

T = Time-bound: Your goals should have a specific end date to measure results.
Example 1: I will have one-on-one talking and hang out time for 15 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week with my girls, until they move out for college (haha).
Example 2: I will take an exercise class 5 times a week that is at least 20 minutes long for the
next 3 months.
Example 3: I will grow at least one plant in each of 5 3x6 garden beds
by the end of summer.

It is also perfectly fine to not have any goals in the moment and just enjoy summer!!!  But if you do have a goal in mind, I hope this S.M.A.R.T technique of goal-setting is helpful to you so that you can set yourself up for success, versus just having good intentions and nothing changes.  

Thank you for donating $680 to Dedication to Special Education!

Last Thursday, we celebrated Kristen Sperling's birthday and we even had the pleasure of watching her son come up to dance with her for a few songs!  Thank you to all of you who helped successfully raise $680 to help improve the quality of special education programming in Marin County schools!

Join us THIS Thursday, June 17th, as we celebrate an early birthday for Jennifer Lefferts!  

REMINDER #1: We are only at PELO Fitness for 2 more weeks (last day is Thursday, June 24th!). 

REMINDER #2: I will be taking the last week of June off until July 4th, and then we will be at a new venue Tuesday, July 6th!

REMINDER #3: Starting in July, Wednesday HIIT CAMP 30/30 will be in-person!!!  Attendance will determine whether it continues beyond summer or goes back to Zoom only. In the meantime, join us on Zoom for the "aka Bootcamp" class!

Be someone's rainbow...
or be someone's ROCK.

For those of you that aren't on social media, I shared a post on Friday, June 11th, my husband James', birthday (who is also not on social media):

Today we celebrate the rock of our family, my husband James! When the girls or I freak out about anything, we can always count on Dada to stay calm and level-headed. He keeps us grounded. He gives us security. But most of all, he teaches us the balance of working hard and playing hard. Dada is the one that makes us all laugh the most and knows how to bring out the kid in us all.

So incredibly grateful for my family, and so incredibly grateful for all of you!
Have a wonderful week!