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Wear PINK for P!nk This Saturday!

November 10, 2022

November 10, 2022

Dear Friends,

Never Gonna NOT Dance Again!

From "Hustle" to "I Am Here," it's no secret that we're big fans of the artist, P!nk, who is not only seriously talented, but is also super inspirational (did you watch her documentary called "Pink: All I Know So Far?")

P!nk's newest song just got released and it is called, very appropriately for our Stop Drop and Dance classes, "Never Gonna Not Dance Again!"

Join us this Saturday, November 12th to learn the choreography to this song and please wear whatever pink clothing you have (ideally hot pink)! 

We'll be breaking down the choreography early at 9:15am if you want to be part of the backup dancing crew that records on video.  Otherwise come at our normal time, 9:30am, and we'll do a whole group quick and simple recording at the very end of class to celebrate how much we love P!nk's new song!

Thank you for raising $1225!

Last Sunday, we had over 40 parents and kids join together to dance for Glenwood Elementary School! We were able to raise $1225 for their school programs!

Thank you to our hosts, Ashley Walter and Sunny St. Germain, for organizing this fundraiser and providing delicious donuts, fruit, quiches, and refreshments for everyone. Thank you also to Gail Esh, Sandy Aley, and Debby Strenkofsky, for helping to lead the dances from the front!

We finished our class with P!nk's "I Am Here" song and had parents on one side of the gym giving high-fives tokiddos on the other side.

It is always a very special moment to simply pause during these events to look around and see parents and kids doing something active, fun, and impactful, TOGETHER.  

So grateful we got to raise money and celebrate this wonderful school community!

If you have a school auction, fundraiser, or birthday idea, please reach out at info@thepowerwithgrace.com to find out how you can host a class and raise money for your special cause!

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Last week in my Wednesday 10:45am yoga class, I shared about JOY as something that we need to proactively create for ourselves.

We can surround ourselves with things that make us feel joyful.
We can interact with people who make us feel joyful.
We can take actions that make us feel joyful.

Every year when Halloween ends, our family tradition is to set up our Christmas tree and decorations on November 1st. 

We turn on holiday music.
We sing and dance. 
We put up lights outside of our house.

No matter how tired or busy I am, there is a little flutter of joy in my heart when I drive home and see the lights greeting me outside, or when I sit and type this newsletter at 11pm and I can see my tree in the background of my computer, or when I listen to holiday music during my least favorite chores, and somehow it becomes a little more enjoyable...

It doesn't matter if everyone else thinks it's too early. 
In my heart, this is JOY, and I love it!
In fact, it's so much more than that...
I NEED joy in my life.
Everyone does.

What brings you joy and how can you cultivate more of that into your life?

"Find out where joy resides,
And give it a voice far beyond singing. 
For to miss the joy is to miss all."

- Robert Louis Stevenson