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We WON!!! And see you on Thursday!!!

February 26, 2024

February 26, 2024

Dear Friends,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for voting for us!!!

What a special way to wake up this morning in Japan with a text from Erin Meyers and this photo in the 2024 Marin IJ Readers Choice Awards publication!

Friends, I am so humbled and honored that so many of you actually voted for "The Power With Grace" in the tough category of "Best Personal Fitness Instructor." I know it took effort and time, so I greatly appreciate your support to recognize our small business and help to promote our classes to the greater community!

I am so grateful for all of you and I hope we can keep growing our community and spreading JOY through dancing!

Click here to see the other winners in the 2024 Marin IJ Readers Choice Awards!  (We are on page 56 and 88!)

See you on Thursday!

For those of you who have been following my travel adventures on Instagram, you know that we have been non-stop eating and moving!

From Taipei 101 and shaved ice in Taiwan, to omakase and kaiseki meals in Sapporo, to snowboarding and onsens in Niseko, and now we are finishing up the last few days in Tokyo with shopping for cutesy things like stationary and rainbow cotton candy!

I fly back on Wednesday and I am ready to STOP DROP AND DANCE on Thursday morning at 9:30am @UUMarin, jet-lagged and all! As much as I love traveling and exploring (and eating), I also know when my body is done, and ready for a little detoxing and real exercise!

Hope to see you in class!

See our 2024 Class Calendar Here

Lose Yourself to Dance

During my trip, there were several moments when I found myself thinking of all of you at home.

One moment was when I was working out in the hotel gym in Niseko, and "Alive" by Sia came on.  I was alone in the gym and wanted so badly to have all of you next to me so I could have the courage to break out and dance to the song! 

PS There is no better group to do flash mobs with than all of you!

Another moment was when my husband had surprised us with a karaoke night where we had a private room to choose any songs we liked.  As my girls belted out everything from Disney to Eminem, it made me think of how much fun I've had karaoke-ing with all of you, whether it was locally in Fairfax at Mac's or during our last retreat in Belize!  

PPS When you come in-person to classes, there is a QR code to join our Whatsapp "Dance Social Group" for random get togethers like karaoke nights!

 A third memorable moment was during a day trip to Otaru.  We had explored and walked around all day in the snow and found this local ramen shop for dinner.  As we were eating, "Together Again," by Janet Jackson, came on in the restaurant even though we were at a totally authentic Japanese restaurant where they barely spoke English.  My girls immediately said, "Mama!  This is one of your songs!" and started singing and dancing to the chorus.

PPPS Remember that kids are always free to join class with you!  I am so grateful all of you have literally watched my girls grow up dancing with me!

Finally, in Niseko where we snowboarded, we ate dinner one evening at a Shabu Shabu restaurant and I saw the photo below framed on their wall.  Of course I had to take a photo because I related to it so much, and I know all of you do too.

"Mount Yotei, emblem of Niseko, likes to play hide and seek during the harsh winters.  When she reappears after a long absence, people can't help but surrender to the rhythm of joy, bursting into dance.  This is no lie - I've seen many such people.  In fact I am one of those dancing fools."
- Nashy, 2022, "Lose Yourself to Dance"

Thank you all for being dancing fools with me!