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We *DO* Talk About Bruno ('s Italian Deli, Market & Cafe)

October 25, 2022

October 25, 2022

Dear Friends,

Help Us Support The Franchetti Family

Over the summer, my husband was looking for a yummy lunch spot for our family near downtown San Rafael, when he found Bruno's Italian Deli, Market & Cafe on 2nd street, and started mumbling how he had never heard of it before, but the sandwiches on the menu looked really authentic and good.

So we went to check it out.

As we walked in to the counter and ordered our delicious food, Michelle Franchetti and I recognized each other from Stop Drop and Dance classes.  What started as a light "How are you?" type of conversation quickly turned into something much, much deeper as I unknowingly continued to ask questions about how Michelle ended up working at Bruno's Deli.

Bruno's Deli was her husband, Steve Franchetti's, dream.

Bruno is the name of Steve's father, and Steve wanted to pay tribute to his father's hard work living in the United States, as well as celebrate his traditions of gathering family members together for an Italian meal.  So Steve and his family perfected recipes during the pandemic and opened up Bruno's Deli in 2021.  However, 8 months into the new business, Steve was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Despite surgery and treatments, Steve devastatingly passed away just 5 months later, in May 2022.

The people that were working behind the counter that day I visited Bruno's Deli were not just employees.  They were sisters, brothers, children, parents... they were all family members trying to keep Steve's beautiful dream alive.  

Three Ways To Support The Franchetti Family (Donate, Dance, and/or Dine):

The Franchetti Family is fundraising for By The Bay Health (formerly known as Hospice of Marin), to acknowledge their compassionate care of Steve and to support their mission of caring for loved ones in their family home through this fundraiser.  *No dancing required!*

With your donation, you are invited to join our one hour Stop Drop and Dance class at 9:30am this Saturday, October 29th with Michelle!  Come in-person to 1 Thorndale Drive in San Rafael (sorry, there are no restrooms so plan accordingly!), or join us on Zoom (you will find the link when you scroll to the bottom of your Eventbrite confirmation email).  In addition, all donations will also receive a one-week recording of class to dance on-demand from home!

3) DINE:
The next time you or your family are planning lunch or catering for a party, think of Bruno's Italian Deli, Market & Cafe and support The Franchetti Family by ordering at their restaurant.  Please spread the word and share about their business!

Thank you so much for your love and support!

Other Classes This Week...

Don't forget we have in-person and Zoom classes TOMORROW on Wednesdays now at UU Marin in San Rafael for all our fitness and yoga enthusiasts!  Join us at 9:30am for 55 minutes of HIIT CAMP 30/30 (bring dumbbells and a mat), and/or join us at 10:45am for 60 minutes of All-Levels Yoga (bring a mat).  

Come in 90's hip hop fashion on Thursday!

Did you order your new black "Shine Your Light" tank top yet?  Wear your new tank with extra baggy pants, Kangol hats, and any other 90's fashion you have lying around at home, and come celebrate Jessica Kissane and Lisa Butcher's birthdays this Thursday, October 27th with 75 minutes of hip hop dances!

"Don't you know yet?
It's your light
that lights the world."

- Rumi

I say this week after week, and it never gets old.
Thank you for being such a wonderful, generous, and loving community.
I am grateful.