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February 1, 2021

February 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

Let us honor, celebrate, and lift up the mamas this week.

Today, in just a few hours, I will join my family in an intimate funeral for my 101-year-old grandmother, Yun-Chun Yu.  The quality I will remember most about her is her extreme determination.  Her mind was so strong and she never gave up, whether it was fleeing from China with my dad as a baby, to passing the US Citizenship test in her 80's, to living independently up until a few months ago.  My grandmother taught me to give what we have and expect nothing in return.  She also taught me to be unafraid to share my stories and viewpoints.  I am grateful that up until her last days, she still had a clear and bright mind, and all her children, grandchildren, and great grand-children got to see and talk with her in-person or on Zoom.  She was loved, and today, we honor her life.

Honoring a Mama of our community

Another Mama we would like to honor and remember this week is Judi Matlack, mother of one of our in-person dancers, Staci, who passed away from cancer on Monday. If you took our Stop Drop And Dance class this past Thursday, you witnessed what friendship and community can look like in a time of pain and grief (thank you Lisa for sharing with the class). We dedicated our last song, "Brave," to Staci and her mom, and we continue to send her family so much healing and comfort in this unimaginably difficult time.

New On-Demand February classes including Yin Yoga - "Fold Into Grief"

A new month is here, which means 10 new on-demand recordings are available for a-la-carte purchasing or become a member and get full online access to all our classes.  

60 Minute Yin Yoga - "Fold Into Grief"
60 Minute Gentle Vinyasa Yoga - "2 Blocks: Give and Receive"
60 Minute Power Yoga - "2 Blocks: Speak Your Truth"
60 Minute YogaBurn - "Girl On Fire"
45 Minute TRX - Tribute to Your Heart
45 Minute Bootcamp 30/30 - "One"
20 Minute - "HIIT Cardio"
20 Minute - "Bodyweight Strength"
20 Minute - "Gentle Vinyasa Yoga"
8x8 (8 Minutes x 8 Days) - "Plank Your Core"

Celebrating a Mama's 5 Year Cancerversary

On Tuesday, February 2nd at 9:30am, please join us at Pelo Fitness or online on Zoom as we celebrate the 5 Year Breast Cancerversary for fellow dancer, Seran, who started attending all of our live Zoom Stop Drop And Dance and HIIT Cardio Strength classes at the start of Covid last March. Seran will step out of her comfort zone and come to dance IN-PERSON on Tuesday, and she is ready with a 75-minute playlist of her favorite songs. Thank you Ammie for organizing this special celebration!

Help us give back and lift up other Mamas!

Happy Birthday to Marti, who is hosting a Stop Drop And Dance DONATION class this Saturday, February 6th at 9:30am at the 1 Thorndale Drive location in San Rafael. Marti is excited to raise money for an organization called OneMama, which brings maternal care, family services, and economic sustainability to women in rural communities where people survive on less than $1.25/day. OneMama is currently helping a village in Kirindi, Uganda, and so far, the organization has been able to build a maternal health clinic so that women can give birth safely!

Please consider donating for Marti's class. COVID has created a dire crisis in Uganda and you can truly SAVE LIVES with just a few dollars! Here's a breakdown of how your funds will be used:

$10: 1 Box of Latex Gloves
$15: 5 Birthing Kits (Saves 10 Lives)
$50: 1 Week of Birthing Kits (Saves 25 Lives)
$100: 1 Month of Birthing Kits (Saves 50 Lives)
$150: 1 Month of Malaria Tests
$200: 1 Month of Malaria Treatment

Free YouTube Tutorial and Videos

This week we finished up our core routine for the month of January, "Vida Loca," and learned the newest dance, "Leave a Legacy." Remember you can always learn the dance moves for free on our YouTube channel!

I honor you.
I celebrate you.
Together, we lift each other up.

Thank you.