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December 7, 2020

December 7, 2020

Dear Friends,

You know when you're driving to a destination and you use your Google Maps or Waze to navigate?  What happens when you take a wrong turn? Or sometimes there's a new accident ahead and traffic is building up. What does your navigation system do?

It recalculates.

Just like Waze, we are doing our best to move forward and go to school, work, run errands, pay rent, visit loved ones, get exercise, mail out Christmas cards... we are doing our best to recalculate around all the obstacles that 2020 has thrown at us. And it's been a LOT of obstacles.

Shelter-in-place, Quarantine, Purple, Orange, Red, Regional?  I'm just as anxious and confused as you are, on a minute-to-minute basis.  Literally I am cancelling classes and subscribers one moment and then adding everything back a minute later.

We're just all getting better at keeping our expectations low and our flexibility high.

And if we can find ways to laugh, that's the best medicine:

So can we still dance with the new Regional Stay-At-Home Order from December 8th at noon to January 4th?

Evidence #1: "To promote and protect the physical and mental well-being of people in California, outdoor recreation facilities may continue to operate."


Evidence #2: "Gyms in counties in a region that is impacted by the order must stop indoor operations. Outdoor gyms meet the essential workforce definition of an outdoor recreational facility for the purpose of facilitating personal health through physically distanced outdoor exercise and may continue operations."


Evidence #3: "Gyms and fitness studios must stop indoor operations. According to the State of California, outdoor gyms meet the essential workforce definition of an outdoor recreational facility for the purpose of facilitating personal health through physically distanced outdoor exercise and may continue operations."


The answer is: YES!

We currently only have 3 outdoor, in-person, Stop Drop And Dance classes: Tu/Th 9:30am at Pelo Fitness in San Rafael and Saturday 9:30am at 1 Thorndale Drive in San Rafael, and I am THRILLED that we can keep dancing together. Of course, none of these orders affect any of you who want to take classes live on Zoom or take an on-demand recording (TRX, Bootcamp, HIIT, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Power Yoga, YogaBurn, and Stop Drop And Dance) - that will always be available!

The unknown question is if California is imposing a "maximum participant limit" of people who can exercise together, but at this point, that answer is a bit unclear and inconsistent. For the past few months, the guideline has been no specific number of people as long as social distancing can be maintained.

So in conclusion, we will continue holding our classes for anyone who has a monthly membership AND ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DROP-IN! Woohoo!!!  If anything changes, the website will reflect those changes and only allow Zoom classes. But for now, I REPEAT: in-person classes are continuing for anyone who wants to join!!!

This is the best news!

Our COVID protocols:

  • Please wear your mask before and after class at all times - YU CUTE!
  • Stay at least 6 feet apart from others when socializing - Love those airhugs. I feel you.
  • Sign our waiver when you arrive - Roll Call!
  • We have sanitizer for you if you need it - My hands are so dry. But it's worth it.
  • Pick your designated spot to dance in - We all have that favorite spot!
  • If you feel slightly sick at all, or have been exposed, please please please stay home and come back when you are better - THANK YOU!

3 easy ways to GIVE this month!!!

1) If you have any unused coats, please drop them off at Pelo Fitness through December. Coats will be donated to the Ritter Center in San Rafael.

2) This Saturday, December 12th, we are celebrating Monica's birthday on Zoom online, or in-person at One Thorndale Drive in San Rafael at 9:30am!  All you have to do is show up and dance!  Members can log on as usual, and drop-ins can purchase tickets at

For every online dancer, Monica will donate $12, and every in-person dancer, $20, to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Monica's fundraiser is in honor of her best friend Karyn, who very recently lost both her grandmother and father to this disease. Our heart breaks for Karyn and we send her family so much love and healing.

Thank you to Monica for her extreme generosity as a way to celebrate her own birthday. So inspiring.

3) Email if you would like to gift a "The Power With Grace" membership or custom class package to someone for the holidays (or yourself)! 

First 25 subscribers to our unlimited in-person and online membership will get a $50 Athleta Shop Card!

Check out how much fun we had this past Saturday at "Laura's Birthday Pep Rally!!!" 

Your health and safety is the number one priority!  Our in-person, outdoor, socially distanced classes are permitted by the state of California because the science shows that it is low-risk and ESSENTIAL to keeping our MENTAL HEALTH thriving, especially in this 2020 glitchiness!!!