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November 1, 2021

November 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

It's a Celebration!

As soon as possibly this upcoming weekend, counties will soon get approval to start giving 5-11 year olds their COVID vaccination shots! In Marin County, they are planning to give the first dose over a course of 3 consecutive weekends at 3 different school sites.

This is a historical event that we will all remember forever. 

2020 will be the year when schools, stores, restaurants, gyms, and other businesses shut down in-person operations. The year wearing masks became a part of our wardrobe. The year we all learned how to use Zoom. The year we stopped seeing even our loved ones.

Covid-19 is an event that has affected literally everyone in the world and no one will ever forget it.

Then came the vaccine...

Most of us are used to bringing our babies and kids to get their immunization shots at the pediatrician's office every year. The doctors are friendly, the nurses are nice, the shot is quick and maybe our kids get a sticker afterwards. It's just part of the doctor's visit routine and is otherwise pretty uneventful.

This should not be treated just as a regular shot!

When Marin County Public Health gets approval to begin distributing vaccines for kids 5-11 years old, sure, there will probably be options to get the shot at existing sites such as local pharmacies. However, there will also be 3 large-scale vaccination sites set-up purposely at child-friendly locations: on school campuses!

And... we want it to feel like a party... because it is! 
It's finally our kids' turns to get vaccinated and that's something to celebrate!

Thanks to your donation of $10,000...

Our children will walk into what is hopefully a more welcoming and exciting environment than their regular pediatrician visits.  There will be life-size cardboard cutouts, bubbles, music, head decorations, plus 10,000 fun stickers, bandaids, and crayons for the 15-minute waiting period afterwards. In addition, your donation helped to purchase shot blockers which actually helps healthcare providers minimize needle injection pain for all patients (yes, it works on adults too!).

"We're going to send them off,
with a great memory of their vaccination,
to tell their grandkids."

Cathy Taylor, founder of the Ouchless ER Project

To those of you who were able to join our Halloween Stop Drop And Dance donation class on Zoom or in-person on Saturday morning, thank you so much for dressing up and dancing for the Ouchless ER Project! If you donated but didn't get to attend the class, you should have received an Eventbrite email with a link to the recording of class so you can try out the class anytime that is convenient for you! 
*Link expires Monday night 11/1*

Thank you, Cathy, for helping all of our kids have an "ouchless" and memorable experience getting their COVID vaccinations!

Happy Birthday Lisa & Jessica!

Rewind to earlier in the week... Last Tuesday, we celebrated Lisa Butcher's birthday with a 75 minute playlist, plus she pledged to donate $5 per person who joined on Zoom or in-person, to the Ouchless ER Project! Well... 43 people showed up and she donated $215 for her birthday! Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness Lisa!

Then on Thursday, we had an unexpected birthday surprise as we found out it was Jessica Kissane's birthday (thank you Erin Meyers for revealing the secret!). Jessica finished up our class taking center stage (reluctantly) with her favorite song request, "Purple Hat" by Sofi Tukker!


A look ahead into November...

I will be missing two long weekends this month because of the holidays, so please mark your calendars:

Thursday, November 11 (Veteran's Day)
Saturday, November 13
Saturday, November 27

*Extra recordings of previously-live classes will be available on those days for members*

Thursday, November 25 (Thanksgiving Day)

*Please cast your vote RIGHT NOW!  Email Grace if you WANT to have a Stop Drop And Dance class on Thanksgiving morning and will attend!  I'd love to teach, but only if people can make it!*

Happy November Friends!