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Spring Break and Michael Franti's SHOUTOUT!

April 6, 2024

April 6, 2024

Dear Friends,

You HAVE to watch this personal message from Michael Franti!

Thank you to Karin Conn, who met Michael Franti many years ago, and actually reached out to him about our dance community coming to his concert this August in Oakland and to his (sold-out) Soulshine Bali retreat center next year!

And he sent this video back.....

Click on the image above to watch the personal message to our community!

AHHHHH-mazing right???

If you would like to join us at Michael Franti's Togetherness Tour on Saturday, August 24th at 8pm at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, please click on the link below to buy your own General Admission ticket for $55.

If you want to join our carpool (and possible party bus rental depending on cost...), be sure to reply to this email ASAP so we can add you to the headcount!

Recently, Forbes just published an article titled, "Michael Franti On His New Tour, Life In Bali, & The Healing Power Of Music."

It is a quick inspiring read and it gives a little background to why Michael Franti is the person he is today. In fact, so much of what he shares reminded me of our community, specifically the concepts of leading from the heart, creating a sense of belonging, and cultivating joy!

Here is a short excerpt from the article:

“It’s been my goal through my music to make people feel they can be themselves and it’s okay to be that way, warts and all.”

He encourages everyone to strive to see the good in themselves and others, especially at a time when the world feels so divided.

“I believe optimism is the highest form of courage. And it takes bravery to show up in that way.”

Join us as we sing and DANCE with Michael Franti on August 24th!!!

Click the image above to purchase your concert tickets!

Classes are cancelled from TODAY, Saturday, April 6th to Saturday, April 13th!

One of the blessings of the pandemic was creating this website and membership site so that all our live classes could be recorded and taken on-demand later in the day or week!

Even if you normally can't attend 9:30am weekday classes because of work conflicts, or you are traveling, or I am traveling, you can still dance, lift weights, or stretch anytime it is convenient for you, from the comfort of your home or even a hotel gym!

All our classes from last week have been saved and kept on-demand so you can access them while I am away.

(Unlimited online classes are included in membership plans, or non-members can purchase classes a-la-carte from our on-demand website page).

Classes resume on Tuesday, April 16th!

Click on the image above to see our whole 2024 calendar!

It's here!  It's here!

THANK YOU again to Erin Meyers and this wonderful community who secretly pitched in for my birthday gift last month to purchase a framed art print by Natsuko Rowlands that I stumbled upon during a recent trip to Niseko, Japan! It caught my eye while dining at a local Shabu Shabu restaurant because of the title, “Lose Yourself to Dance” and what the artist had written below:

“Mount Yotei, emblem of Niseko, likes to play hide and seek during the harsh winters. When she reappears after a long absence, people can’t help but surrender to the rhythm of joy, bursting into dance. This is no lie - I’ve seen many such people. In fact I am one of those dancing fools.”
- Nashy

I know many of you contributed to this collective gift and I am so grateful.
It is thoughtful.
It is generous.
It is meaningful.
You know me so well.

If you weren't able to join us last Thursday and would like to watch the final few minutes of class when Erin "presented" this special artwork, please click on the image below!

May we continue to celebrate, inspire and love all those around us, and stay "dancing fools!"


Click on the image above to watch the last 5 minutes of class last Thursday!