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April 14, 2024

April 14, 2024

Dear Friends,

Classes Resume This Week!

Spring Break is over and our regular 75 minute 9:30am class schedule returns this week with Stop Drop and Dance Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, as well as our newest Strength & Stretch class on Wednesday with DJ Lisa Butcher making her first official hip hop S&S workout mix! Bring two pairs of dumbbells and a mat if you can join us!

If you attend our Wednesday Strength & Stretch class and want to sign up to be the hip hop DJ one week, reach out to Grace!

Happy Birthday Stephanie Plante!

Please join us this Saturday, April 20th at 9:30am in "The Garage" (1 Thorndale Drive, San Rafael) to celebrate Stephanie Plante's birthday! She has picked 75 minutes of her favorite songs for us to Stop Drop and Dance to and a fun theme as well! Hope to see you there!

Come dressed in 70's workout clothing... tie-dye, flower power, or even those bell bottoms if you have them!

Marin Catholic Dance Fundraiser this Sunday!

Calling all students, parents, and alumni of Marin Catholic! Join us this Sunday, April 21st at 6:30pm at Club MC (aka the gym) for a one hour Stop Drop and Dance class followed by refreshments and conversation! Even if you aren't affiliated with Marin Catholic, you are welcome to join and drop in at the door for $40 (adults) or $20 (kids).

Thank you to hosts Lisa Butcher, Meghan Dasher, Angela Hart, Keala Landry, Erin Meyers, Lisa Parker and Barb Untermann for sponsoring this event and introducing our dance class for the first time to the Marin Catholic community! Join us for a guaranteed super fun and sweaty glow party!

Wear your hot pink "Never Gonna Not Dance Again" tanks if you have them!

Who doesn't love stickers?

Coming back from vacation is always a tough transition.  But coming back and finding a package at the door with these stickers inside makes it a lot better!

I'm so excited to share these Power With Grace stickers with all of you.  They will be at the back table where all the tanks and hats are and feel free to grab one or a few for friends and family to use!

This logo started from an Athleta photo shoot I did almost 10 years ago.

The jumping, the air, the flight represents our POWER that we have within to overcome everything and anything that is thrown at us. 

The backbend arch, the stretch of the hands and legs, and the literal heart opening represents the GRACE that we are given to make mistakes, to accept our imperfections, to let go of control, to walk with trust, and to lead with love.

"when you need a reminder of what strength looks like, look at yourself.  look at what you have done, how far you have come, all that you have moved past and overcome, repeatedly, constantly, daily.  you are strength, you are strong.  you are a living, breathing reminder that you have the strength to hold on."