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September 20, 2022

September 20, 2022

Dear Friends,

Meet Karin

One year ago on September 23rd, Karin Conn (pictured above), drove to our weekday venue, UU Marin, expecting to attend a meeting that used to be at the church, but was no longer there because of the pandemic.

Disappointed, she walked back to her car but then saw Laura Seligsohn, who encouraged her to check out our Stop Drop and Dance class that had just begun.

Hesitantly, Karin peeked her head into the Fellowship Hall where we were dancing, and when I saw her (and the fact that she was literally in workout clothes and sneakers already), I invited her to come in and join us...

And Karin said, "YES!!!"

As she walked into the room and found a spot, Susannah Wallenstrom, who was next to her, immediately turned to welcome Karin. Then Lisa Butcher came over to say hello too, and afterwards, Erin Meyers. And throughout class, Karin continued to receive kindness and love from this truly special community of friends.

After class, Karin immediately went home and signed up for an in-person membership, and she has not missed a class since (except on rare occasions when she is out of town). We are so grateful Karin unknowingly stumbled into our class a year ago, and had the courage to say YES to a new adventure!

Join us this Thursday, September 22nd, at 9:30am as we celebrate this special one year anniversary for Karin!  If you are interested, she is also selling these beautiful Shebobo bags designed and imported from Madagascar from her friend that pays fair wages to over 400 women!

10 More Days Left For Our September Special!

Happy belated birthday to Kathy Brown, who celebrated with us this morning and got ON THE FLOOR and PHYSICAL for our last few songs!

Do you have a celebration or fundraiser you'd like to host?  Share your idea and chat with Grace at info@thepowerwithgrace.com

Don't forget all September long, if you take a class in-person, you can bring any first-time friends for FREE!  No need to sign up beforehand, just invite them to come!  And there's no limit to new friends =) 

If you are brand new to our classes and want to come by yourself, you can also just come for free!

It's the final TWO CHANCES (tomorrow, September 21st and September 28th) to trial our Wednesday 9:30am HIIT Camp 30/30 (bring dumbbells and mat) & 10:45am All-Levels Yoga (bring mat) @UUMarin! 

Help us determine if we should add these classes on permanently to our in-person schedule!

"Turn it up and go give love a chance.
Go out and take somebody by the hand.
Put on your shoes and find out where you stand.
Go take the lead and teach the world to dance."

- Diana Ross