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SAVE THE DATE: May 21st MFCA Dance-A-Thon!

April 25, 2022

April 25, 2022

Dear Friends,

Will you join us?

We are so excited to be a sponsor this year for MFCA, the Marin Foster Care Association, and we will teach a Stop Drop and Dance class as part of their 3rd annual Dance-a-thon on Saturday, May 21st from 4:30pm-7:00pm.

(NOTE: The regular 9:30am class on May 21st will be cancelled)

Please try to attend to help represent Stop Drop and Dance at this event and share our class with a new audience!


The tentative schedule looks like (subject to change):

4:30pm Welcome and Music with DJ
4:45pm Kids Choreography Class with Love2Dance
5:15pm MFCA video
5:30pm Stop Drop and Dance class
6:30pm Snacks & Raffle prizes

Ticket prices (registration required)

$10 (Kids 2-12 years)
$25 (Adults 12+ years)
$60 (Family Pack of 4 - 2 kids & 2 adults)

Backup Dancers Needed!

We will be dancing inside the community center and I need 2 dancers per song on stage with me! Please REPLY to this email if you can make it and you are comfortable with leading our dances in front of others.

We are here!

The theme of this past week was "I Am Here" because we celebrated 4 birthdays and Pink's song made it into our playlist everyday!

On Tuesday, we celebrated Alison Williams and Ashley Walter for 75 minutes with a jam packed room of friends!

Thank you to everyone who came to support them!

Happy birthday Alison and Ashley!

This is 50... and 51!

Then on Thursday, we "Clap Snapped" for another 75 minutes for my sister, Ann Ing who turned 50, and Susan Schroeder, who turned 51!

Let's be clear - they are 50 and 51 years YOUNG, right??

Reach out about special events!

Yesterday I taught a Stop Drop and Dance class as a school auction social fundraiser for a Moms Dance Workout and Lunch at Mark Day School. Thank you to Keala Landry, Anne Kaplan, and Megan Mariani for co-hosting!Next week... I'll be teaching a Moms & Kids Dance Auction at St. Patrick's School!

Reach out if you have a special event, fundraiser, or birthday in mind and want to DANCE!

About Family...

As many of you know, since the pandemic started in March 2020, I began offering my Stop Drop and Dance classes on Zoom, and a silver lining was that my parents, Henry and Ning, and my sister, Ann, all started taking my classes for the first time. Since then, they consistently dance 3x a week online and it has been such a special family bonding activity.

Last week, my sister drove an hour and a half to celebrate her birthday in-person with all of us. What a treat, especially for me.

Growing up with a 7 year age difference, she was off to college when I was still in elementary school, so I probably annoyed her all the time and basically just wanted to follow her around. And play pranks on her. Our relationship was very much of a big sister and little sister.

As we have grown older, and now started families of our own with girls of similar ages, our relationship has only become stronger and closer, and age is really nothing! I cherish our one on one conversations and family time, and she has very much become a best friend in addition to being my big sister.

Happiest birthday to my big sis Ann, who literally can pass as a 30-year-old, but somehow turned 50 years YOUNG last week!

"Don't mess with my sister!
(That's my job)."