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REMINDER - No Live Classes This Week!

February 13, 2021

February 13, 2021

Dear Friends,

LIVE Classes Resume on Tuesday, February 23rd.

Happy Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, and President's Day!  

I will be taking a week off to play in the snow with my family. 

Thank you for your understanding and tremendous support.

Did you know we RECORD previously-live STOP DROP AND DANCE classes?

One of the biggest limitations of teaching live classes is that the time or day doesn't always work for everyone.  What do you mean Tuesday or Thursday at 9:30am doesn't work for you?!  (jk)

That's why our new website was born the past October!

Stop Drop And Dance™ classes are recorded and available to take for 2 days afterwards, so you can feel like you're in a live Zoom class, but it can be 6am in the morning or 6pm at night.  

Available JUST THIS week:

  • Marti's Birthday Donation Class for OneMama.org - 60 minutes (all women BIPOC artists!) + 15 minutes core/stretch
  • Part 1 - Black History Month - 60 minutes (all black artists!) + 15 minutes core/stretch
  • Part 2 - Black History Month - 75 minutes (all black artists!)
  • February HIIT Cardio Strength - 55 minutes

Click here to take our previously-live Stop Drop And Dance classes this week!

NOT a Dancer?  That's OK! 
Check out all our Fitness and Yoga Classes!

Every month we are adding 10 new on-demand recordings available to purchase a-la-carte, or become a member and get full online access to all our classes.  

60 Minute Yin Yoga - "Fold Into Grief"
60 Minute Gentle Vinyasa Yoga - "2 Blocks: Give and Receive"
60 Minute Power Yoga - "2 Blocks: Speak Your Truth"
60 Minute YogaBurn - "Girl On Fire"
45 Minute TRX - Tribute to Your Heart
45 Minute Bootcamp 30/30 - "One"
20 Minute - "HIIT Cardio"
20 Minute - "Bodyweight Strength"
20 Minute - "Gentle Vinyasa Yoga"
8x8 (8 Minutes x 8 Days) - "Plank Your Core"

Click here to see our On-Demand Classes or Become a Member!

Free YouTube Tutorial and Videos

So many NEW fun dances! If you want to breakdown the movements to any of our new songs, you can watch our tutorials for free on our YouTube channel!

Wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year of the Ox filled with patience, perseverance, and prosperity!