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ONE DAY ONLY (Inauguration Special): Matching Mommy & Me Sweaters?!

January 19, 2021

January 19, 2021

Dear Friends,

Inauguration Day 2021 represents SO much.

It is getting back on track towards Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s unfulfilled dream that Black Lives Matter.

It is celebrating how far the women's rights movement has come for us to finally have a woman of color in the White House.

It is creating hope once again that we live in an America that CAN celebrate diversity and believe in equality for all.

Tomorrow, the tables are finally turning!

Get a Youth Sweater - TODAY ONLY!

One of the best parts of our Stop Drop And Dance classes is seeing our mini-me's dancing too! We see them on the Zoom squares, we see them in our in-person classes, YOU ALL see them when they find courage and dance on camera in front of the whole class! It is the best family bonding activity (and don't forget your kids are free when they join you!).

So for ONE DAY ONLY (until the end of Inauguration Wednesday!), we are taking orders for YOUTH "Life is a Dance" sweaters to match our pre-ordered women's ones (thank you for the request Sara!).

Click here to purchase one for your son or daughter!

Whose abs are sore?

Have you checked out all of our January 2021 on demand classes?  From 8 minutes to 60 minutes, you can find something to fit your busy schedule and get some movement into your daily routine. 

Congratulations to so many of you who completed the 8x8: Core on the Floor Series!  

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My eyes kiss in the corners. 

How many times have people made fun of Asian eyes?  We are called, "slanted eyes."  We are depicted in media and images with just diagonal lines for our eyes and no opening.  People imitate our eyes by pulling the corners up. 

Maybe that is why I started wearing eyeliner "with wings."  Maybe it gave me more confidence or made me fit in.  Hmm... an interesting idea I never thought about until now.

Thank you to Lizzy for surprising my girls and I with a new children's book by Joanna Ho called, "Eyes That Kiss In The Corners."  What an absolutely beautiful way to describe our Asian eyes. 

How each of us are represented matters.  What each of us say out loud, and what we don't say, matters.  Let's teach everyone around us, young and old, to celebrate our differences.  And let's finally, let Dr. King's dream come true once and for all.  Black Lives Matter.

I am so excited for AMERICA UNITED.