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OCTOBER Schedule is Out (HIIT & Yoga included!)

October 1, 2022

October 1, 2022

Dear Friends,

Happy October!

Last weekend, my daughters and I met up with friends to go to Great America in Santa Clara. It was their first time, but probably my 100th time.

I grew up in that area and I remember having a season pass from 5th grade through middle school. My parents would drop me off with my friends almost every weekend, and I would spend all day going on EVERYTHING.

I love love loved it!!!

It was the first weekend the park transformed into a kid-friendly Halloween theme, and as we entered, I was instantly filled with nostalgia for my many childhood memories here. The entrance looked the exact same as I had remembered, with the water fountain and double decker carousel in the background.

But... many of the rides were definitely new. We went on the first ride, Gold Striker, a new wooden roller coaster that was built less than 10 years ago, and... WOW.

All I could think was:


"Why is this so incredibly fast?"

"Why is this not ending??"

"Why is this so violently bumpy???"

"I do not feel good."

I'm not kidding when I felt like I needed a chiropractic adjustment on my neck afterwards!

"Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to the way they used to be."

Change can be hard, and change can be humbling. I genuinely wish I still enjoyed roller coasters!

change can also bring new possibilities and appreciation. Instead of Great America being a playground as it was when I was 12, it became an opportunity for me to sit with some of my best friends (who also opted out of the rides - ha!) and catch up on life while our daughters went on rides themselves (that's a first for my girls too because even my youngest is tall enough now to go by herself)!

"I am embracing change,
welcoming transformation,
and opening myself
to a new way of being."

It's Official!!!

In addition to our Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9:30am Stop Drop and Dance classes, starting this week we are officially adding some *non-dancing* classes to our weekly schedule in-person and on Zoom:

Wednesdays 9:30am HIIT Camp 30/30 Fitness @UUMarin

(Bring dumbbells and mat)

Join us for a 60 minute full-body strength and HIIT cardio class that can be modified up or down to your fitness level. 30 seconds, 2 exercises, 4 sets, 10 rounds. Move at your own pace (really!) and complete as many repetitions as possible. Use a heavier and lighter set of dumbbells (0-12 pounds) and a yoga mat. Find your power and push through to the end for an unbelievable high!

Wednesdays 10:45am All-Levels Yoga @UUMarin

(Bring yoga mat)

Practice to an all-levels 60 minute yoga class flowing with our breath. Gain strength, increase flexibility, and practice quieting your mind from everyday distractions. Listen to your body and choose your intensity depending on how you feel. Give yourself permission to slow down and restore your mind, body, and soul!  Yummy hands-on adjustments included =)

Drop-In to a Class:

* In-Person $20 (or double up for free)
* Zoom $12 (or double up for free)

Or Become a Member for Unlimited Classes:
* Online Zoom Membership $58/month + $10/in-person drop-in
* ALL In-Person Classes & Online Membership $108/month

Mark Your Calendars!

Saturday, October 8th: Breast Cancer Fundraiser Class for B4BC

(FREE for breast cancer survivors!)

Saturday, October 15th: Class Cancelled

(My family will be traveling to San Diego for the weekend!)

We are thrilled to partner with Lisa Hudson from B4BC for the 3rd year in a row to spread awareness about breast cancer and how important early detection and a healthy lifestyle is!  This year we would love to recognize and dance with any of your friends or family who are breast cancer survivors by offering them a free class!  Please invite them to join and help us raise money for this important cause!

Sign up to join here

"Supporting the fighters,
Admiring the survivors,
Honoring the taken,
And never, ever, giving up on HOPE."