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August 9, 2021

August 9, 2021

Dear Friends,

Here we go... one more time...

This past Tuesday, August 3rd, it was announced that masks are once again required for everyone indoors.  As challenging as it is to wear a mask, especially in our higher cardio classes, the good news is that classes are NOT cancelled, and we can still get together!

Click the video below to see my "public service announcement" that I posted on social media so that students would know to bring a mask to class this week:

"What a sheep.  Dancing happily to the orders without a thought of her own."


And THAT was one of the comments I received from a random TikTok stranger, once again reminding me why social media is so infuriating sometimes.  

My response (I have a hard time holding back sometimes...):

"Wow, really?  I do it because I actually CARE about others.  We need more kindness and selflessness in this world."

Trust me, I don't want to wear a mask.  It was SO hard this past week in Stop Drop and Dance and HIIT Camp on Wednesday.  SO hard.  But the Delta variant is serious and we need to protect each other.  The unvaccinated are at a risk.  Our kids under the age of 12 are at a risk.  Even those of us who are vaccinated, are still at a risk.  

Thank you to everyone who came this past week to Fairfax Community Church and wore their masks to class.  It is greatly appreciated!

Looking ahead in August...

  • Don't forget, if you cannot make an in-person class, all live classes are recorded so you can take them ON-DEMAND at your own convenience!  Become an online member and have unlimited access to all our videos.

  • Mark your calendars: I will be away August 21st - 28th for a family vacation.  Last class will be Thursday, August 19th, and then classes will resume Tuesday, August 31st!

From dancing on a deck in Dillon Beach with Jen Lefferts and her family members...

To missing my girls all week at their first sleep away camp at my sister's house...

To Alyssa and Lauren bravely hopping on stage to be my backup dancers for our new song, "Mamasita..."

To celebrating Lisa Hudson's birthday in our Da Da Ding mosh pit circle...

(FYI - Saturdays do NOT require masks because we are in a covered outdoor parking lot at 1 Thorndale Drive in San Rafael - literally a breath of fresh air!)

To getting a text from "celebrity dancers" Lisa and Sara hanging out in Sun Valley...

Community is where my heart is.

Each week, my heart literally bursts with joy when I see YOU on Zoom or in-person.  To my regulars who I see each week and have been taking classes all these months, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  You know who you are and you know how much you mean to me.

  This past week was extra special because Fairfax was closer for some, and I got to see some old faces after way too long in-person!  Thank you for coming Marianne, Lorna, Nina, Teresa, Michelle, Kaitlin, and KEN!

And finally, even if the classes or schedule don't work out for you, if you are reading these newsletters, that means everything to me.  YOU are my community and I appreciate you.

"No one belongs here more than you."
- Brene Brown