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October 4, 2020

October 4, 2020

Dear Friends,

The quote above has been my "tagline" since the very beginning when I started teaching fitness and yoga in 2005.  These are my truths. My core values. My passion. My hope. My purpose.

My power with grace.

Power is potential. It is what you can accomplish when you set a goal and believe in yourself. It is what you are physically and mentally capable of, even if you have fear or doubt. It is strength and focus and an attitude of "Yes I Can and Yes I Will."  And I am talking about so much more than just "exercise." Power is your potential to be the greatest person you can be for yourself, for others, and for society.

Grace is self-love, compassion, and humility. It is accepting all the good and bad of who you are and knowing you are worthy no matter what. It is seeing others, feeling their heart as your own, standing up for what is right, and it is also allowing yourself to be lifted up in community and friendship when you are in need. It is faith and hope and knowing that nothing is truly in our control. Grace is living our lives in appreciation and gratitude, always.

Normally I send out our weekly newsletter on Sunday night, but I couldn't wait. Our new website, www.thepowerwithgrace.com, is up and running, and I wanted to give you an extra day to orient yourself with the site so you know how to TAKE A CLASS or BECOME A MEMBER!!!

How to Take a Class

If you would like to take a FREE class, click on the "YouTube Videos" navigation tab and you'll be able to learn tutorials, try new dances, do core work routines, or take advanced dance classes.

If you would like to DROP IN to a paid class, click the "Take a Class" navigation tab and you can scroll down to purchase Zoom Livestreams, previously-live recordings, or on-demand classes right on the site!  YES this is a game changer - previously-live classes will be posted by the end of the day and will be available for 48 HOURS!  So those of you that can't make 9:30am classes... NOW YOU CAN!!!  Woohoo!!!  After your purchase, an email will be sent to you with links to join the class.

How to Become a Member

If you plan to take at least one class a week, then it's worth it for you to become a member!  Members get UNLIMITED dance, fitness, and yoga classes on-demand and livestreamed!  Click on "Become a Member" in the navigation tab and follow the directions to create an account, input your billing information, and then you'll be directed to the "Member Dashboard."  From here, you'll have access to all the Zoom livestream links, plus previously-live and on-demand recordings with just a click of the button! 

There will most likely be bugs, broken links, or something that goes wrong, so please email me if you run into any problems.  Can't wait for you to check it out!


This morning, we celebrated LIFE.

Wearing a lot of pink.

And super fun decorations by Ariana Amini.

Thank you to Lisa Hudson for kicking off October by suggesting a Stop Drop And Dance donation class for her non-profit foundation, Boarding 4 Breast Cancer, B4BC.org. We raised $910 together and we danced to an amazing and touching hand-picked playlist by Lisa and Jasmine (link here). If you joined us on Zoom, thank you so much for dancing for a cause! 

Thank you so much to Kelly Krill for re-designing this beautiful flyer. Prices for our 2nd annual Stop Drop And Dance-A-Thon on October 24th are going up Monday!  We have over 50 people coming, so get your ticket before we sell out at 75. Also, where my backup dancers at???  Don't forget that in your eventbrite confirmation, there is a link for you to sign up to dance your favorite songs with me on stage!!! Yes, you! So excited to dance in person with all of you!

Finally, let's continue to pray for the fires to stop burning in California so our firefighters can go home. Let's pray for our world to heal from Covid-19 (what an interesting week it has been, hasn't it?). And let's pray for our UNITED nation to stop only thinking about people that look like this (full article here thanks to Katherine Czismadia):