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*NEW* TRX Series and *LIVE* HIIT Camp 30/30

June 7, 2021

June 7, 2021

Dear Friends,

IN-PERSON Location Changing in July!

After June 15th, California will join the rest of the country and remove most Covid restrictions, including social distancing, masks, and indoor gathering limits.

With Pelo Fitness closing at the end of June, I am currently actively searching for a new venue to teach Stop Drop And Dance® on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am (Saturdays will stay at the Thorndale Garage).

My preference is to stay outdoors, however there are many limitations including lack of internet or shade/covering for my equipment.  Therefore, I have opened my search for indoor venues as well, with the goal of finding a long-term home.  If you have any suggestions, please reach out to info@thepowerwithgrace.com before June 15th.

*NEW CLASS* HIIT Camp 30/30 WEDNESDAYS at 9:30am!

HIIT Camp 30/30 is the new name for my original BOOTCAMP format, except it will be 60 minutes to include a proper warm up and stretch. This has been the most requested class on our website, so starting this Wednesday, I will teach HIIT Camp 30/30 on Zoom, and in July I will begin teaching this format IN-PERSON through the summer. Depending on attendance and popularity, I will determine whether or not it is something to continue in the Fall.

HIIT Camp 30/30 Description:
30 seconds, 2 exercises, 4 sets. Move at your own pace and complete as many repetitions as possible. The equipment recommended is a heavier set of dumbbells (8-15 pounds) and a yoga mat, but classes can be done with no weights too. We'll challenge ourselves with full-body strength and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio exercises that can be modified up or down to your fitness level. Finish feeling stronger!

*NEW SERIES* 20x7: TRX Week of Workouts

Last month's 20x7 Week of Workouts Series was a hit! Amazing job to so many of you who completed the 20 minutes for 7 days series challenge!

This month, we have added another 20x7 Week of Workouts in a similar format, except it is exclusively using the TRX straps.

20 minutes x 7 days TRX Week of Workouts Series is a perfect weekly workout schedule that balances moderate-high intensity activity with muscle-strengthening exercises and stretches on the TRX.

Series workouts are FREE for Members, or for non-members, they can be purchased on-demand for $18 so you can workout at your convenience!

Thank you for donating $755 to Moms Demand Action!

This past weekend was Wear Orange and National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Thank you to Jennifer Gonzalez for organizing our donation Stop Drop And Dance class on Thursday, and to all of you who helped successfully raise $755 for the California chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

We danced in honor of victims and survivors of gun violence!  Take action and text "CHECKS" to 644-33.  You will get a call back with instructions on what to say to US Senators to help get a new background check bill passed!

Happy Birthdays!

This past Tuesday, we celebrated a joint birthday for Sara Rainbolt and Helen O'Shea who were surrounded by their loving friends! 

If you want to celebrate YOUR birthday or event, please reach out and let's chat!

THIS Thursday, June 10th, we will be celebrating Kristen Sperling's birthday at our 9:30am Stop Drop And Dance class, and she would like to make it a fundraiser for Dedication to Special Education.  Kristen is an education consultant and has seen first-hand how DSE supports and advocates for children with disabilities, specifically in Marin County. Please help to support her cause and donate below!


"It's a new dawn, a new day, a new life for me... and I'm feeling good." - Nina Simone

Last month, many of you saw that moment in Stop Drop And Dance class when I took off my mask for the first time since Fall.  The announcement had just been made that vaccinated individuals were allowed to not wear masks outdoors.  What a luxury it was, and is, to exercise for an hour without a sweaty mask on!

Last weekend for Memorial Day, we had our first real family sleepover with my parents and my sister's family at our house.  Prior to that, we had only gathered in our backyards, outdoors!  But this time, we spent 3 nights together playing board games, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, and feasting!

This past weekend, I attended an overnight bachelorette party for my junior high school friend, Jennifer.  We went to the beach, we slept over at her house like 10 year old girls in sleeping bags, and we chatted until 2am. 

(Huge kudos to my hubby whose birthday is this Friday, June 11th - because last weekend, he was the Head Chef that planned out all of our family meals - and this weekend, he was Super Dada for taking our daughters with him to work, to sports, and to fun field trips like a food tour in Berkeley, so that I could have a weekend away!).   

It feels strange that we lived an entire year masked up, isolated in our homes, interacting with our family and friends only through Zoom screens...

And now, we can be TOGETHER.

I know everyone has different comfort levels and I respect whatever choices people make.  I know that some of you are not ready to attend a class in-person, let alone indoors.  And that's ok!  Do what you feel is right and easy.

But for me, these past few weeks have really felt like a significant turning point.  A much needed turning point.  A hopeful turning point.

And it feels...