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October 12, 2021

October 11, 2021

Dear Friends,

Join us from anywhere

Thank you to everyone who donated to The Borgen Project fundraiser class on Saturday. We raised $702 in support of fighting poverty and empowering young girls through the Girls Lead Act. Thank you to our host, Sarah Mackay, for organizing this fundraiser and for even flying in from Seattle, Washington to attend Stop Drop And Dance in-person for the first time (thank you Sandy Aley for joining her on camera all class!).

On Saturday, we also celebrated a very happy birthday to Amaya Josephs, who picked most of our songs in the hour-long playlist, and joined on Zoom all the way from Savannah, Georgia (yay for a quick cameo from mama Allyson on Zoom too!).

And wait a second... not only did we have Washington and Georgia in attendance, but Katie Morell flew in from Bend, Oregon last week and danced for the second Saturday in a row in-person(thank you Susan Schroeder and Sophie Davies for dancing on camera too!).

One of the most interesting blessings of the pandemic has been that anyone can continue to join our classes on Zoom even if you move away, go on vacation, or happen to be in a different time zone (using the on-demand recordings of our live classes!).  Silver linings!

Together we are stronger

On Thursday, we celebrated Kim Lewis' birthday with a hot and sweaty 75 minute playlist! She only agreed to do a birthday class if she didn't have to go up on camera and dance in front of everyone, but guess what? We got to watch Kim find that JOY and find that FREEDOM, as she gathered up her courage to dance not just one, but several songs up front for the first time ever!!! So proud of Kim!

I cannot emphasize enough that it is our community of dancers that create a safe and loving environment which is absolutely essential to our Stop Drop And Dance experience.

I look around and I hope that the first-timers like Jeannie, Tina, Kazu, Sarah, and Erin this week feel welcomed even when they don't know all of the moves (thank you for bringing your friends Ashley Walter, Karen Shelton, and Sararose Benham!).

I look around and see all the regulars who show up and give away so much positive energy and passion that it becomes literally contagious to dance harder.

I look around and see the friends that show up together to class and keep each other accountable on prioritizing not just exercise, but more importantly, self-care, and mental health!

We are united by love of music, dance, and connection with others.

New Student BOGO Special

If you have been on the fence about taking an in-person Stop Drop And Dance class for the first time, or you have friends you have wanted to invite to class but they have not come before, we are starting a permanent special offer for new students:

Buy one class and your second one is free!
(No special code required. Just purchase your first class on our website and we will reach out to you with directions on how to redeem your second class. This is a one-time offer for new students only).

Anyone's first experience at anything is filled with questions and unknowns, emotions and nerves, and naturally we are more "in our heads"...

We get it!

That's why we want you to come back a second time knowing exactly what to expect, but this time, it will be easier to let go of what's in your head (because really, it's not about getting the moves down perfectly!)and allow your body to just let loose and have a ton of fun!

"Get out of your head and get into your heart. 
Think less, feel more."
- Osho

PS - If you used to take Stop Drop And Dance pre-pandemic but have not been back to class since the pandemic started or since the launch of "The Power With Grace", then you are considered a NEW STUDENT!

Click on the two short video clips below to see a virtual tour of our weekday UU Marin and weekend Garage venue:

Surprise surprise

This weekend, my husband and I planned a surprise one night trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. My daughter turned 10 a few weeks ago, and instead of birthday parties, she made a wish list of family activities. Her top wish was going to Harry Potter at Universal on her birthday, but that was impossible since it was a weekday. So we said no, but secretly we planned this overnight trip a month later.

It was definitely a crazy idea, but we had a great time riding all the rides, watching all the shows, and eating quite a bit of junk food! One of the necessities for me was taking anti-nausea medicine in the morning (there's a new ginger non-drowsy dramamine!). Let me tell you, what a HUGE difference it made!

I am so so so sensitive to motion-sickness nowadays, but the dramamine helped me to actually keep my eyes open and enjoy the entire ride(instead of closing my eyes and focusing on taking slow yoga breaths)! Success!

Exercise is medicine

We all need to find something that helps us get through the mundane weekly routines and daily stress. 
Something that fuels us. 
Something that makes us better.
Something that creates joy.

Just like my need to take a dramamine before a nauseating Harry Potter motion-simulating ride (BLEH), I have that same need to exercise and move all of my energy so that I am physically and mentally more able to focus on my to-do lists each day.

Go hiking, ride your Peloton, take a yoga class, try bootcamp outside...
Or join one of our classes.
Whatever it is doesn't really matter.  

What matters is that you find your exercise.

Something that is MORE than just exercise.
Something that OTHERS can hold you accountable.
Something that YOU prioritize for yourself.

Find YOUR medicine.