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*NEW* On-Demand Classes for December - Bootcamp 30/30 and "THE WALL" Handstand Class!

November 30, 2020

November 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

One of the highlights this week was seeing FAMILY dancing together in our classes!

We had sisters: Tiffany and Chelsea, and Seran and Gina, mother-daughter combos: Allyson and Amaya, Ammie with Saia and Milla (pictured above), and Erin and Elle (who brought the beautiful flowers and advent calendars), even neighbors: Lisa and Laura, then of course the celebrity sighting on Thanksgiving Thursday: my parents, Henry and Ning - who drove an hour and a half to dance with me and their granddaughters. Go Mom and Dad!

If you are craving community and accountability, log in to a live Zoom class from your home, or come in-person in San Rafael on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Pelo Fitness, and Saturdays at One Thorndale Drive. All classes are at 9:30am PST. Don't forget that with a paying adult, children can always join in free!  YES, family bonding time!

OR if you can't join at 9:30am on those days, you can take a recording of previously-live Stop Drop And Dance classes and also access all of our on-demand fitness and yoga content!

Check out our *NEW* December On-Demand Content Getting Released TOMORROW, including our much anticipated HANDSTAND WALL power yoga class!

  • BOOTCAMP 30/30 || 45 Minutes || "Bench Workout & Heavy Dumbbells"
  • TRX || 45 Minutes || "Going Long"
  • YOGABURN || 60 Minutes || "Choose Your Burn"
  • POWER YOGA || 60 Minutes || "Handstands on the Wall"
  • GENTLE YOGA || 60 Minutes || "We Are Stars"
  • YIN YOGA || 60 Minutes || "Calm Shoulders"

Want shorter classes? Want a specific focus area? Please share your feedback for future on-demand content by sending an email to info@thepowerwithgrace.com. We will do our best to meet your requests!

Do you have a family member or friend that would love a Power With Grace membership?  Email info@thepowerwithgrace.com to set up a customized e-gift certificate for a holiday surprise! Customization ideas include:

  • One Month Unlimited Online = $58
  • One Month Unlimited Online & In-Person = $108
  • Pack Of 10 Live Zoom Classes = $120
  • Pack Of 10 On-Demand Classes = $180
  • Pack of 10 In-Person Classes = $200
  • 2, 3, 6 month Memberships... let's chat!

Or maybe... this is the gift to give yourself for 2021!!! 

SPECIAL DECEMBER OFFER: The first 25 subscribers to our Unlimited Online & In-Person membership will receive a $50 Athleta Shop Card!

Click here to become a member (one membership can be shared among your family!)

On a final note...

Jury Duty this Wednesday???

Yes, I've already postponed my jury duty responsibilities twice during Covid, but this time, I can't get out of it. For those of you who take Wednesday HIIT Cardio Strength at 9:30am, I'll be checking my jury dury email Tuesday evening to see if I have to report for duty. If so, class will be cancelled.  Just an FYI! Nevertheless, it will be a perfect opportunity for you to try one of our new December on-demand classes!

I'll end with footage of mother-daughter duo Erin and Elle dancing this past Saturday in "The Garage" - thank you Lisa for capturing this footage!!!  Family. Health. Happiness.

It was quite a different Thanksgiving for all of us this year, but that doesn't stop us from ever giving thanks.