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May 2, 2022

May 2, 2022

Dear Friends,

Two years ago...

On this first week of May, we were just in the beginning stages of the pandemic. In the shock, confusion, and despair we all felt learning about Covid and experiencing a world wide lockdown, I shared the photo below in this very weekly newsletter, and wrote:

"This is the FIRST orchid I have ever successfully trimmed and re-grown through the course of winter. I can't even believe it. It is a miracle to me, because I normally kill plants. But this one is surviving. Now these buds have grown, and I am just waiting. Waiting. Waiting. It may, or may not bloom. I shall patiently wait, and see."

Two years later...

I, like all of you, have gone through birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations, as well as goodbyes, heartaches, and deaths.  Somehow in two years, I was given eight more orchid plants that I have shockingly figured out how to take care of! 

Emphasis on SHOCKINGLY.

Love, light, and faith

How??? is the question I ask myself. 

And the answer is:

Love: The early stages of the pandemic gave me the gift of extra time at home.  Extra time to notice the little things around me, like that one orchid plant, and give it some genuine care.  It seems silly, but I simply made sure to water it once a week consistently.

Light: With orchids, the secret really is finding the best spot in your house that has bright light all day, but not direct sun beating down on it.  I finally found that magic spot in one corner of windows in my house, and even now, every stem, every flower faces the light and grows towards it.

Faith: I know often with orchids, once the flowers fall off, we throw the plant away, because the part of the plant that is thought of as "beautiful" seems gone.  But when the flowers fall, you can trim that old stem, and in a few months, another stem will regrow into full bloom.  The hard part is having the patience and believing that will happen.

Are we so different?

Not at all.

This is my reminder to you that just like my orchids, make sure you are giving yourself the same recipe of:

Love: Prioritize time for self-care, consistent healthy habits, and who and what matters most.

Light: Surround yourself with people who lift you up and be a part of passions that allow you to shine your brightest.

Faith: Give yourself permission to be human and struggle through the hardships in your life, but always believe you will overcome and become even stronger than before.

May you bloom and grow!

A recap of this week...

This past Thursday, we celebrated Gina Daly's birthday in class and we will definitely see her again the morning of June 7th as she dances away her election day jitters with us! Please remember to vote and good luck to Gina as she runs for Marin County Supervisor!

Join us this coming Thursday, May 5th as we dance for 75 minutes to celebrate Tanya Burdick's birthday at UU Marin!  Please sign up beforehand and be sure to upload your vaccination info (links below) if you haven't already done so!

Yesterday, we also danced with hosts Lisa Butcher and Laura Osumi for St. Patrick's School"Dancing & Donuts" auction fundraiser! Thank you to all the moms and kids who attended!

Upcoming in May...

Please mark your calendars for two special fundraiser events this month! More information will come the week before each event, but here's a preview:

Saturday, May 14th 9:30am-10:30am

Join Lynne Yuster as she shares her incredible and timely story about her journey battling breast cancer, and help us raise money for Lisa Hudson's non-profit organization, B4BC - Boarding for Breast Cancer!

Click here to learn more!

More Backup Dancers Needed!

Saturday, May 21st 4:30pm-7:00pm (or just come for our dance class around 5:30pm)

Our Saturday morning class on May 21st at 9:30am will be cancelled, and instead we will be teaching at Marin Foster Care Association's 3rd Annual Dance-a-thon in the Corte Madera Community Center! Tickets are $25 per adult or $10 per child.

Please help represent Stop Drop and Dance by simply attending as a participant and dance with us in the audience, OR if you know our dances, I would love for you to come up on stage to lead a few songs with me (or even just one!). Email me at info@thepowerwithgrace.com if you would like to be included as a backup dancer!

Get your tickets here!

"I've got sunshine,
on a cloudy day. 
When it's cold outside,
I've got the month of May."

- Smokey Robinson

Sending you all love, light, and faith as we bloom and grow through this new month of May together.