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May or May Not

September 28, 2020

May 4, 2020

Dear Friends,

And... all of a sudden it's the month of May.  

I am sharing a photo of my orchid.  This is the FIRST orchid I have ever successfully trimmed and re-grown through the course of winter.  I can't even believe it.  It is a miracle to me, because I normally kill plants.  But this one is surviving.  Now these buds have grown, and I am just waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.  It may, or may not bloom.  I shall patiently wait, and see.

When I stayed home for the first day on Friday, March 13th, I was actually excited for ALL the things on my "to-do list that never gets done."  Finally, I would have time to:

  • Clean the house, re-organize drawers and closets, figure out what to donate.
  • Go through the garage of boxes from my classroom 10 years ago and join Teachers Pay Teachers with all my old classroom lessons.
  • Take pictures of my girls' schoolwork from the past few years and make a photo book so I can get rid of those giant boxes of projects.
  • Be supermom and super homeschool teacher for my girls.  Oh yeah, my curriculum included everything from Mama's sports camp to Chinese to piano to sewing and cooking.
  • Have time to finally read books, listen to podcasts, and watch something fun on TV - for ME.
  • Eat healthier and take new classes from new teachers around the world.
  • Film a parent-child yoga and meditation course, and a "how to handstand" course, both which I have been brewing over for 5 years.  
  • Work on my business and revamp my website, plus learn to teach classes online.

You guys, I don't know where the time goes.  As I look back at these past 7 weeks, a big part of me is so disappointed in myself. 7 weeks and I've accomplished... maybe 10%??  

But the reality is... I'm doing my best.  My absolute best.  

Please, if you are feeling the same way as me... WE are doing our best.  This isn't just a sabbatical that we are all on.  This is a traumatizing life experience that we are right in the middle of, and hopefully for most of us, it is not physically life-threatening (although it sadly is for many), however, this time IS causing us all sorts of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional harm.  It is.  

And we are surviving.

Today, I set a deadline for myself to finish my "A-Z Mantras, Movements, and Meditations for Adults and Children" course.  I wanted to launch it for the month of May because of Mother's Day next week.  I failed.  I didn't meet my deadline and part of me isn't even convinced I should complete it.  I may, or may not, complete it.  And I have to be ok with that.

I may, or may not, clean the house.  I only got through the girls' bedroom and bathroom so far.

I may, and most likely will not, go through the garage.  Let's be realistic.  That's a massive project.

I may, or may not, take pictures of my girls' schoolwork.  

I may, or may not, be supermom, but I am mom and that's good enough.

I may, or may not, make time for myself to learn something new.  I think learning all about teaching on Zoom and Vimeo should count here...

I may, or may not, eat healthier (definitely am not at the moment, but everyday is a new day...).  

I may, or may not, finish my courses, but I am really going to try to.

I AM working on my business and teaching online.  Hmmm this is the only one I've done.

Friends, this is not a time to criticize ourselves about all the things we haven't done.  This IS the time to love ourselves more.  

May I offer you some online classes?

For the past 7 weeks, the studio where I started teaching Stop Drop And Dance at, Marin Power Yoga, has been offering free online classes.  This week, they have begun a new online platform and it is amazing.  Everyday there are livestreamed classes in all sorts of yoga and fitness.  At any time there are on-demand classes you can take at your convenience.  You will find me on there and the schedule evolves every week, but I promise you EVERY INSTRUCTOR is incredible, strong, kind, knowledgeable, and inspirational.  You can join for the month of May to get unlimited classes for only $30/month (goes up to $40 in June!).  You won't regret it!

Click here to join Marin Power Yoga!

As for Stop Drop And Dance, since many of you will be paying membership for Marin Power Yoga, we are lowering our prices!  For those of you who already paid the original monthly pass, you will get an extra 2 weeks of codes to thank you for your loyalty =)

May or may not.  

That's the theme of this month.  Some things will get done, and other things will not.  If this post has resonated with you, maybe set one goal for the month of May, instead of that giant "to-do list." Start with ONE item on your checklist, and see what happens.  I'm right there with you.