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September 28, 2020

March 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

Peace.  Really that's the goal, right?  

It's been an incredibly unusual and uncomfortable few weeks and months, for the entire world.  What started out in January as something that felt distant and unrelatable in China, has crept its way right into our neighborhoods and into our own homes.  I know we all feel this same mixture of disbelief, confusion, worry, and fear.  When have schools been shut down?  When have people been asked to work from home?  When have we cancelled major events, conferences, sports?  Even the Happiest Place on Earth, is not open for business.  

This whole situation is bizarre.

But let's take a moment and look at the other side of things.  For once, our world is sharing the same fears, the same challenges, the same compassion, the same heart.  For once, our world is united on a common wish: to find a vaccine for the coronavirus and be rid of it.  

Maybe, we can try to get on the same page.

As inconvenient and surprising as it may be to change our routines and self-quarantine ourselves, maybe the universe is telling you to slow down.  To spend more meaningful time with your kids as you find ways to homeschool them.  To clean your house.  To finally tackle some unfinished projects.  To learn to cook some new dishes.  Time is a commodity that is limited, and maybe now that you are not commuting to work or driving your kids to all their after school activities, you have gained extra time in your day.

Maybe, time is your gift.

As awful and devastating as it must be for many businesses and individuals who no longer have work, we have to stay hopeful and positive.  We have to be flexible.  We have to adjust.  We have to get creative.  We have to try new ways of doing business and notice that technology is still on our side.  We have the internet.  We have the cloud.  We have endless possibilities.

Maybe, this is the time to take career risks because we have nothing to lose.

Cancelling dance after my Thursday class this past week was heartbreaking.  Not only do I just love exercising and almost need to move everyday, but also dance is my happy place.  I get to be silly, I get to be sassy, I get to be strong, and it's a pretty indescribable feeling when I'm in a room full of people who feel the same way as I do.  And no one cares what they look like.  No one compares.  No one shows off.  No one judges.  That's Stop Drop And Dance.

Let's keep dancing.

Who wants to join me?  Today at 4pm-5:15pm is my first trial ZOOM Livestream class - 60 minutes of dancing followed by an optional 15 minutes of core and stretch.  In your home.  In your pajamas if you'd like.  Looking into MY home with my girls' toys everywhere, and me possibly in my pajamas too =).

Get your tickets below and after you checkout, you will get a unique ZOOM link that you can log into before class.  Please give yourself at least 15 minutes if you are unfamiliar with Zoom.  Preferably you use a desktop computer, but phone is fine as long as you download the app first.  You might very likely need to troubleshoot.  You might fail to login at all and miss the class - in which case, I am happy to refund you if you let me know.

Depending on how today's class goes, then I hope to hold more ZOOM Live classes this week, ideally Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday at 9:30am.  Check the class schedule daily to stay updated:  

Yes, this might be a terrible idea.  Then I'll know, and be happy that I at least tried something.  But hopefully, it will work, and you'll have an option to keep dancing with me beyond our YouTube Channel (which has tutorials and dances broken down for you to learn, but isn't the LIVE experience).  

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  Stay sane.

See you on ZOOM!