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Learn to meditate in 8 minutes and... a sincere thank you.

April 12, 2021

April 12, 2021

Dear Friends,

A sincere thank you.  

My personality is such that I enter into a crowded room and head for the least crowded back corner.

If I had no responsibilities, I would be a hermit and hibernate at home wearing my snuggy robe all day.

Without any accountability, I would eat nothing but desserts nonstop and convince myself it's perfectly acceptable.

I am an introvert by nature and withdrawing from others is easy.

Last week, I shared about tragically losing my first baby, my wonderful Miya toy goldendoodle.

Take everything I wrote above, and make it 100x worse.

If I was truly alone, I would have disappeared into that dark hole of grief and self pity.

Of anger and hate.

Of withdrawing from everyone and everything.

Because that's my instinct.

And that's why mental health matters SO much.

(thank you to my oldest BFF Karen for making this sweet picture frame)

But because of you...

I know I am not alone.

Some of you are hurting along with me and have experienced deep loss in the past year.

Some of you have shared wisdom on how to heal and how to remember.

Some of you have written cards, given flowers, baked cookies.

Some of you have insisted on seeing me.

Some of you... really understand: she was not just a replaceable dog.

Thank you for giving me space this past week to escape, but also giving me reason to keep showing up. 

I am here for your mental health, and thank you for being there for mine.

(I made this short TikTok last summer when my BFF Karen had to say goodbye to her dear Shaupoo.  It stings that less than a year later, my Miya is gone too, but I am grateful for any videos I have of her, and I know she is right here still, in my heart, licking away all my tears.)

Let's dance it out.

Our live classes in San Rafael resume this week and we have some special celebrations:

Tuesday, April 13th 9:30am at PELO Fitness:  Happy Birthday Ashley!

Thursday, April 15th 9:30am at PELO Fitness: Happy Birthday Ali!

Saturday, April 17th 9:30am at 1 Thorndale Drive: Happy 50th Birthday Susan! 

Click here to donate to her Fundraiser Class for BARHII!

PS. Happy Birthday to my sister, Ann, on Wednesday, April 14th, who is out of town and we'll have to celebrate her next week!

8 days x 8 minutes: Beginning Meditation Challenge

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Love harder.

Find a little time each day to quiet your mind and meditate.

Get outside to breathe in fresh air and let the sun recharge you.

Move to get your heart pumping and let those endorphins help you literally create happiness.

Immerse yourself in a passion project that lets your mind get creative and thinking.

Visit with friends or family who make you laugh.

Do something kind for someone else and surprise them.

Do something kind for yourself (and indulge in something yummy).

Every second of everyday is a choice...
to fight the darkness and to find the light.