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LAST DAY For Shirts & NO CLASS Next Week!

February 14, 2023

February 14, 2023

Dear Friends,

Pre-orders End Wednesday Night!

Order your exclusive 2023 "Never Gonna Not Dance Again" shirt by tomorrow, Wednesday night, February 15th!

The shirt is FREE with your Dance-a-thon ticket!

If you cannot make the Dance-a-thon but would like to purchase our new tank for $28, click this link!

Invite your friends and purchase your ticket today!

*After your purchase, you will be added to a 2023 Dance-a-thon email group and you will receive the dance of the day in your inbox to practice (with the option to opt-out) - we are on Day 14 of 44!

NO CLASS Next Week!

Here are the remaining classes for this week:

Wednesday, February 15th @UUMarin

9:30am 60 Minute HIIT Camp 30/30 (Bring dumbbells and mat)

10:45am 60 Minute All-Levels Yoga (Bring mat)Double up for the price of one class!

Thursday, February 16th @UUMarin

9:30am 75 Minute Stop Drop and Dance

Happy Birthday Kim Stuart: Wear ANIMAL PRINT!

Classes Will Be Cancelled
Saturday, February 18 - Saturday, February 25

*All classes from the previous week will be available to take on-demand.  Thank you for your understanding and support!*

Regular schedule will resume Tuesday, February 28th!

When I'm 64!

Happy 64th birthday to Debby Strenkofsky, whom we celebrated last Thursday in Stop Drop and Dance class!

Funny Story: Debby only started dancing with us a little over a year ago.

So for her birthday last year, when I asked if she'd like to dance to one of her favorite songs, I meant one of our "Stop Drop and Dance" songs.  But she didn't know that, and so she told me her actual favorite song, "The Sound of Silence," by Simon & Garfunkel!

I grew up karaoking with my dad so I know that song very well... and unfortunately it's not really a DANCING song!  So I did put it in our playlist last year, but at the end during our stretch. Ha!

Fast forward to this year...

Debby is an in-person member, went to our Tulum retreat in November, is one of my back-up dancers, and she knows all of our dances!  This time when I asked for her favorite songs, she literally gave me enough for about 2 hours of dancing!  In fact, I had to cut about 8 songs!

And... Debby requested one new song for us to dance to, "When I'm 64!"  We finished our class dancing and singing to the Beatles together!

Happy Birthday Debby!  64 Years Young!

Thank You For Raising $1862!

I watched a rom-com last week and unexpectedly, there was an earthquake scene with destruction, deaths, and rescue efforts.

It was the last thing that I would have wanted to watch and it hit too close to the awful earthquakes last week in Syria and Turkey.  I couldn't control the tears and my heart hurt so much knowing that this movie was depicting something too real.

There are tragedies that occur everywhere in the world, to anyone, anytime.  Things that are just completely out of our control and are horrific to fathom.

The only thing that comforts me when I feel so sad for the world, is hope.

Hope that we can unite with one heart that feels the same thing.
Hope that we can become more compassionate people.
Hope that we can lead our lives with more presence.
Hope that we can make the world better.
Hope that we are truly good and kind.

Thank you to everyone who joined to raise $1862 in only 36 hours for UNICEF and their efforts to help provide earthquake relief in Syria and Turkey.  It is something.  

You give me hope.
Thank you my friends.

An Opportunity to Give

Thank you to Jennifer Lefferts for forwarding an email from Kate McMillan (who has also been to our classes) about an opportunity for us to help make a difference for a family from Ukraine:Dear Family and Friends,

A few months ago, I started volunteering at MLK Elementary School in Sausalito. The children are all amazing but one in particular, Emily, has just stolen our hearts.

Emily and her parents, Katja and Mischa, are refugees who fled the war in Ukraine. They arrived here six months ago and have been living in a house boat graciously donated by a local family. They came here with nothing, leaving everyone they love and everything the own behind. Permanent housing has just been secured and they move in at the end of this month. However, as you can imagine, it is very daunting to purchase everything from a can opener to a dining room table.

Christy and I approached Emily’s school principal to ask how we could help. From there, we put together a plan and we are inviting you to help this very sweet and deserving family. All donations will go directly to Katja, Mischa and Emily.

See the attached document as Katja details their journey in her own words. It’s pretty remarkable. Even more incredible is that their 5-year-old daughter is never without a giant smile. This is a very proud family and they are incredibly grateful and humbled.

If you are interested, here are the ways to help:

1. Buy something from their Target registry

2.  Below is a list of furniture needed for their apartment. If you have something to donate, please text Kate (415.999.9936) a picture and dimensions (we are not trying to be picky but the space is small and we want to make sure it will work).

  • 7-foot sofa
  • Small lounge chair (30 inches wide max)
  • Living room end tables (20-24” max)
  • 36” round coffee table
  • Tv/media stand
  • Two 18” ottomans (round or square, for extra seating)
  • King Bed
  • Two nightstands (24 inch wide max)
  • Dresser for Emily’s room (4 feet long is ideal)
  • Small table and chairs for Emily’s room (she is very studious and loves to do homework!)
  • Small bookcase for Emily’s room
  • 48" round kitchen table and 4 chairs (would be ideal if it extends to be bigger)

3. If you would like to make a cash donation, please Venmo Christy: @christine-hinkelman (last 5 digits 1500). We will use this for anything not donated. Any leftover money will go into a fund to help them with rent.

4. The apartment needs a washer, dryer and refrigerator. If you know of anyone that is moving or remodeling that may want to donate their old one, please let us know.

Please feel free the share this email and the Target link with your own networks. Let’s welcome this amazing family to our community with open arms and get them started in their new life.

With love and deep appreciation,

Kate McMillan and Christy Hinkelman, along with Caroline, Lucy and Avery

The Greatest Love Of All

This morning, we wore red, pink, and hearts for Valentine's Day, and we celebrated Marti Rule's birthday with a Galentine (all women artists) playlist!

But the best part was at the end.

After our last song, somehow my Spotify settings chose to randomly keep playing songs even though my playlist had ended.

Of ALL the possible songs in the world, and on ALL possible days, Spotify played a remix of "The Greatest Love Of All" by Whitney Houston and Jax Jones.

Half the class had already left, but the remaining group started impromptu free dancing and singing!  It was SO wonderful.  So much pure joy and love as we literally sang our hearts out!  It's the one and only Whitney after all!  

But WOW, could this message be more clear on VALENTINE'S DAY???

"Learning to love yourself,
It is the greatest love of all."

Happy Birthday Marti and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!
(Click on the image below and turn up your sound to witness our impromptu dance party!)