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November 9, 2020

November 9, 2020

Dear Friends,

One of my first grade students, who I kept in touch with from my days as an elementary school teacher, turned 18 years old exactly on Tuesday, November 3rd: Election Day. She got to vote for the very first time, on her birthday, for probably the most dramatic and historic election ever. This election was a race for LOVE over hate, UNITY over divide, EQUALITY over discrimination, TRUTH over lies, and HOPE over fear.

This election was a test of patience, but it was an election that was fair and justified, because every single vote mattered and needed to be counted. Her vote mattered. Your vote mattered. Every single American's vote mattered.

On Tuesday at Pelo Fitness, we danced to a special 75 minute playlist focused on the theme, "Where Is The Love?," our newest choreography for the week. Then when we realized the election results would take longer, we showed up Thursday at Pelo to dance the same playlist because "You Are Not Alone" in how you feel - anxious heart and deep stomache-ache. By Friday, in our Pop Up Power Yoga class on my deck, we just needed to lie down and breathe. For certain, the entire nation felt the same nerves as we continued to wait, and wait, for the results. For all you Hamilton fans, did you see Leslie Odom Jr's remake for "Wait For It?" on Election Day?  If not, watch the brilliant video here: 

Leslie Odom Jr. Performs Hamilton's "Wait For It" | Reminds Us to Wait for Election Results

On Saturday morning, I drove to the Elks Lodge at 8:30am with my girls to set up for class, planning to once again, use the same 75 minute playlist from Election Day. As we folded chairs and put away tables, I got THE text from my best friend Karen and fellow dancer, Lisa...

75 million votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the most ever casted for any election, after 4 extra days of counting ballots. Shock, relief, happiness... panic - "Wait!  I need to rearrange my playlist!"  We danced to "Can't Stop The Feeling" and ended with "Faith," and when "Run the World (Girls)" came on in the middle... a wave of emotion hit me as it SANK in.

Our first WOMAN Vice-President.

Mid-dance, I looked at my girls and shouted out, "Zaydee Rylee!!!  Do you understand?!?  A female can be a vice-president???  One day, a PRESIDENT!!!"

Has it sunk in for you yet???  ALL THE FEELS!

We found the LOVE. America chose right this time. But the truth is that the work is just beginning. Although Team Biden & Harris won, almost half the country still voted against them... which is perhaps why I still have a deep stomachache going on. The reality is that this was a necessary win and a step in the right direction, but boy, do we have a long way to go.

Nevertheless, right now we have much to celebrate!  4 years of possibilities and opportunities and positive change and humanity restored... and healing. So much healing.

Come dance with us this week at our NEW LOCATIONS and learn the dance to the classic song, CELEBRATION, by Kool & The Gang! 

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am, we are now at PELO FITNESS (171 3rd Street in San Rafael) in their outdoor covered parking lot. 

* And starting Saturdays at 9:30am, we are at ONE THORNDALE (1 Thorndale Drive in San Rafael) in their lower parking garage structure - it is totally covered with open air sides, has tons of space, and amazing views.

* Both locations will keep us DRY dancing outdoors, socially distanced, ALL WINTER LONG!!! Come check it out, or of course you can join on Zoom or watch the recording for 48 hours afterwards!

* Heads up: I will be visiting family the week of Thanksgiving so I will hold class on Zoom only (NO IN-PERSON) from November 23rd to 29th.

Finally, let's finish off with a little TikTok video from Kamala Harris' niece, Meena Harris, to the song, "Lose Yo Job."  Pretty crazy that Trump's most famous saying from his days on The Apprentice, "You're FIRED!" has come around full-circle. What goes around, comes around.

www.tiktok.com/@meena - Lose Yo Job

It's a celebration!