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It Takes a Community ($16,000 Raised!)

May 20, 2024

May 20, 2024

Dear Friends,

We danced together to raise over $16,000 for Marin Foster Care kids and families!

This past weekend, we taught a Stop Drop and Dance class for the Marin Foster Care's 6th Annual Dance-a-Thon fundraiser at the Corte Madera Community Center!

Thank you to Caren Wachtenheim for leading this amazing event and inviting us to teach for the 3rd year in a row. This event was a success because of the community of sponsors, volunteers and donors that gave their time and money to come together for this important cause.

The Marin Foster Care Association truly makes a difference for children who do not have a place to call home, and it supports foster parents who have the heart of wanting to help take care of kids who need it.

It is not always easy to get a crowd of people to dance with us, but if the cause is worth it, then we are happy to try! Thank you so much to Sara Rainbolt, Laura Tollen, Suneela Jain, Leslie Dinham, and my daughters for coming up on stage, encouraging kids (and adults) to participate, and keeping the dance floor alive!

For more information, please visit 

One more week to help us win the Marin Magazine Best of County 2024 "Best Health & Wellness Coach"

If you haven't yet, I humbly ask for only 30 seconds of your time RIGHT NOW (I promise it's that quick!).

Please click on the button below and on the second page, WRITE-IN "Grace Yu - The Power With Grace" under the category of "Best Health & Wellness Coach."

Sadly, we have never even made it on the list to be recognized as a business in this annual Marin Magazine competition every May. Your vote will help bring tremendous recognition and growth to our Stop Drop and Dance classes to residents all over Marin County!

Thank you to all of you who have already voted and supported our small business!


Don't miss these four birthday celebrations this week!

Thursday, May 23rd 9:30am 75 Minute Stop Drop and Dance
@UUMarin (240 Channing Way, San Rafael)

Happy "Black and Gold" Triple Birthdays to Keala Landry, Rita Ribera Channon and Sharon Mor!

Last year around this time, we had an epic "Triple 50th" Stop Drop and Dance birthday class for Keala, Rita and Sharon.  This year, we're doing it again with the same "BLACK AND GOLD" theme, but their request is we start counting backwards... so Happy 49th to these ladies!

Saturday, May 25th 9:30am 75 Minute Stop Drop and Dance
@The Garage (1 Thorndale Drive, San Rafael)

Happy "Shine Your Light" Birthday to Leslie Dinham!

Then on Saturday, join us again for another 75 minute Stop Drop and Dance class for Leslie!  Leslie is our cake baking extraordinaire and million steps member who we only get to see on Saturdays, so please come celebrate with us!

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who feel like home,
who let your nervous system breathe,
who see you,
who make you feel most you,
who leave you feeling warm & cosy inside,
who care,
who see you as enough,
who love the way you grow."

- helenmarie

If you take the time to read these newsletters each week, thank you. 
You are an integral part of my community and I am deeply grateful for you. 
Let's continue to lead with heart, passion, and kindness towards others,
and continue to find ways to make a difference around us. 
I love the way you grow.