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May 11, 2023

May 2, 2023

Dear Friends,

Happy International Dance Day!

This past Saturday, April 29th, was International Dance Day (thanks Tiffany McElroy for the reminder!).  We celebrated it the right way by dancing a 75 minute hip hop birthday playlist for Heather Davidson, Jenn Macievich, and Gina Daly (whom we celebrated the weekend before too).  Thanks to everyone who came to the garage and helped to manually carry all our equipment up and downstairs because the garage door was stuck!  Never a dull moment!

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, join us for two more birthday parties:

1) Thursday, May 4th at 9:30am @UUMarin

Happy Birthday Tanya Burdick!  She chose a 75 minute playlist and please wear your SPICE tanks or anything rose gold or mauve!

2) Tuesday, May 9th at 9:30am @UUMarin

Happy Birthday Marsha Cellar!  Please come celebrate the BIG 7-0 with Marsha, who will be bringing beaded necklaces for everyone to dance in!

Save the date for TWO special events on Saturday, May 13th!

A big part of our classes is not only to spread joy and share the love of dance with our community, but to make a difference in the world around us.  We have been grateful and fortunate to help donate almost $100,000 since 2020 for numerous non-profit organizations, school auctions, and community events, simply by dancing together!

On Saturday, May 13th, we have two special community in-person events in place of our regular 9:30am class (sorry there will be no Zoom available!):

1) 10:00am-11:15am Mother's Day Weekend Dance Class

@Christ Presbyterian Church in Terra Linda (620 Del Ganado Rd)

This is a free, community event celebrating mothers, maternal figures, and caregivers.  Children are welcome to dance or CPC is also providing free childcare.  Refreshments will be provided afterwards.  No sign-up required beforehand.

2) 5:15pm-6:15pm Marin Foster Care's 5th Annual Dance-a-thon Fundraiser

@Corte Madera Community Center (498 Tamalpais Dr)Join this family event and raise awareness for two very important funds necessary to support Marin's Foster Youth.  Tickets are $10 for children 2-12, $25 for adults and 12+, or $60 for a family pack.  Event is from 4-6pm, but dancing will begin at 5:15pm.

Please join us for one or both of these special events (yes dancing twice in one day!) and email me if you are available to be a backup dancer!!!

Say farewell to MPY with me on Sunday, May 14th!

Some of you just took my class for the first time this past weekend.  Some of you joined when I started "The Power With Grace" in 2020.  And some of you have been taking classes with me since 2013 when I first moved to Marin and found a yoga/fitness/dance home at Marin Power Yoga.

If you have not heard, MPY (now called San Anselmo Yoga), is closing its doors after 10 years of serving the community by providing excellent classes, outstanding teachers, and a safe environment for anyone to "Come As You Are."  MPY and its owners, Jamie and Amy Ginsberg, created such a wonderful studio that will forever be remembered, and I plan to get on my mat and attend their final yoga class as a way to say thank you and goodbye!

Please join me for MPY's last 75 minute Power Yoga "Sunday Service" class with Wendy and Gabe teaching at 9:30am on Sunday, May 14th as we celebrate 10 years of health, memories and friendships!

(and Happy Mother's Day!)

Thank you for voting for us!

If you have not had an opportunity yet, Marin Magazine is conducting their annual "Best of the County" survey for 2023 and it would be a huge honor if "The Power With Grace" could be recognized for "Best Fitness Classes" or one of the other appropriate health and wellness categories!

It's a simple form and you don't have to vote in all categories so it should be super quick!  Deadline to vote is May 22nd.

Please click on the link below to vote and write in "The Power With Grace" under "Best Fitness Classes!"(see picture for reference courtesy of Lisa!)

No Class Saturday, May 20th to Wednesday, May 24th

We will be taking my parents on an extended family weekend getaway later this month for their 52nd anniversary, so 3 days of classes will be cancelled this month.  All classes from the previous week will be recorded and available on-demand while I am away.Thank you for your understanding.  Classes will resume with Stop Drop and Dance at 9:30am on Thursday, May 25th!

(SAVE THE DATE: It's Rita Ribera Channon's 50th birthday celebration!!!)

May is AAPI Heritage Month

Did you know that in Marin County, Asians make up 5.9% of the population?  I knew it was low, but I didn't realize it was THAT low.

I grew up in Cupertino (which has grown to 69% Asian this year), so when I first moved to Marin in 2013, I distinctly remember teaching my first Bay Club Cardio Strength class and noticed how everyone who walked in had hair color that was blond or brunette.  And then there was me.

10 years later, I am grateful that despite being a minority, in my personal experience in Marin, my children have been loved and seen by their teachers, schools, and coaches, my neighbors have welcomed and cared for our safety and well-being, and my community (YOU!) have lifted and supported my passion through this small business I pour my heart into.

AAPI Heritage Month is a call for all of us to grow and educate ourselves about cultures different than our own, and to support and help create more opportunities for AAPI people like myself.

If you have avid readers at home around tween and teen ages, Kelly Yang is a local author that has multiple books with Asian characters such as in, "Finally Seen."

Or drive out of Marin and go to Berkeley, Oakland, or even Cupertino and go on a food tour of yummy Asian restaurants.

Yes, I'm even giving you permission to watch a korean drama and observe the funny dynamics between generations, or wait, "BLACKPINK in your area???" Yes, I bought tickets for their concert August 22nd!

And of course, you are invited to come to class with me =)

Dance with us Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:30am, sweat and jump with us in HIIT Wednesdays at 9:30am, or come take an all-level yoga flow class Wednesdays at 10:45am!  I'd love to see you.

Your support and love mean everything!
Thank you friends!