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April 19, 2021

April 19, 2021

Dear Friends,

There was definitely a time when I cared about competing.
And there's definitely a place for it when it comes to sports and competitions.

However, when it comes to the workplace, running a business, doing social media, or sharing our craft, competing holds us back.

Collaborating and lifting each other up benefits everyone.

Yes, I'd love for you to take my classes.
But there are SO many fantastic teachers and classes, many of whom I respect and are my friends, and I want ALL OF US, to succeed.

I want you, as a student, to find the class that motivates you and the teacher that inspires you.
I want the teachers, including myself, to be authentic to who we are and DO OUR THING with passion and heart.

That's it.  

I think of restaurants as a perfect example.
Each restaurant serves what they want to, and add in their own style or twist.
One restaurant doesn't need to "compete" with another restaurant.
Each restaurant just cooks their best meals, and the consumers, who all have different tastes, will go to whichever one they prefer.

And as a side note when it comes to race...
BIPOC individuals are not the competition.
They are not a threat that needs to be won over.
Minorities should not be treated worse just because of skin color.

I hope we all make it.

Collaborating and lifting others up looks like... allowing yourself to be celebrated.

It's hard for many of us to be in the spotlight.

It's hard to receive attention.

It's hard to ask others to celebrate us.

But when YOU open up and share your life, not only will YOU receive love, but you bring joy into the lives of others.

This week, we are so proud of Ashley for getting on camera for the first time AND inviting her crew of supportive friends to join her on Tuesday for her birthday. And what a crew that was - we were overflowing out of the PELO tents!

Thank you, friends of Ashley, for showing up to celebrate her!

Collaborating and lifting others up looks like... inspiring others to rise up.

On Thursday, we continued the birthday party celebrations by dancing with Ali in a high-intensity 75 minute playlist.

Oh yes, it's usually high-intensity.

But this playlist, she unknowingly put together, was more.

(Like, 938 total calories burned, more).

When it gets tough and when it gets hard, YOU can inspire others to push through by sticking with it yourself.

And that's what Ali did.

Sweat, shine, and smile.

Happy Birthday Ali!

Collaborating and lifting others up looks like... achieving common goals.


Thank YOU for donating $1525 to Susan's 50th Birthday Fundraiser class for BARHII (Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative) this past Saturday!

What a wonderful turnout on Zoom and in-person, and even Susan's daughter Georgia, and husband Eric, got on camera a few times to dance with her!

A beautiful woman.  A beautiful family.  A beautiful 50 years young.

Coincidentally, the topic of inequities in healthcare was the 60 minutes episode that aired Sunday evening - "How racism harms Black Americans' health:"

(click on the image below to watch)

Susan once explained to me that we all have this wonderful treasure we are holding in our hands; a treasure we desperately want to share with the world.

But sometimes we don't know how.

Susan G. Schroeder (SGS) is a Creative Consultant, Marketing, and Storyteller for business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators, but her approach comes from genuine love and care versus feeling like you are "selling" yourself.

I am so honored to be featured in Susan's blog this month: WFH Wellness Entrepreneur Spotlight. 

"Read Grace’s story and see how she turned her creation (Stop Drop and Dance) into the joy, connection, and release that so many people (including her) needed in those first few weeks of the pandemic."

Click on image to read:

Collaborating and lifting others up looks like... showing up with an open heart.

Sunday afternoon I taught a Mom's Stop Drop And Dance Workout Class for a school fundraiser.

My co-hosts were nervous setting up and preparing the post-dance snacks and drinks.

My students were nervous since the majority had never taken a Stop Drop And Dance class before.

I was nervous.

Will people come?

Will they have fun?

Will everything go smoothly?

If we can get out of our heads, and just show up with an open heart... then we are able to give, and receive freely.

It turned out to be the most gorgeous day, it felt good to be in community (which we all need and have missed), and it was a unique way to support the school.

Thank you, to those of you who came for the first time and were willing to try something new and unknown!

If you have inquiries about special events, birthdays, or fundraisers, please email or visit our Parties page:

Collaborating and lifting others up looks like... loving, just loving.

Prior to the pandemic, every Monday for years, I ran my favorite, Bald Hill.  

Often, my sweet friend, Lizzy, would join me.  She's really the only one crazy enough to run it regularly with me.  

We always began with chatting and conversation, and then halfway up when the elevation gains got serious, all talking would stop.

Just side by side, we would run together, one step at a time, gasping for breath.

Never a race.  Never a competition.  Never apart.

This week, Lizzy sent me this touching tribute she made for me and my dog Miya, at the top of that mountain.

I didn't run it with her, but she carried me up there in spirit. 

And we made it, together.

I hope we all make it.



Join us Tuesday 9:30am at PELO Fitness as we dance a 75 minute playlist in honor of my sister's birthday (she'll be on Zoom)!