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October 26, 2020

October 26, 2020

Dear Friends,

As fellow dancer Allyson wrote on Instagram, "If anyone says their bodies feel fine today, they are lying."  Ha!  Today I have definitely had a ravenous appetite and my body is aching in a few odd places, but as another dancer Seran wrote, "I am still riding my dancing high!"

Thank you to all of you who showed up in person or joined on YouTube live yesterday for our 2nd Annual Stop Drop And Dance-A-Thon. YOU DID IT, and that deserves a HUGE congratulations, because dancing for 3 hours is no easy feat. Especially our type of dancing =)

For those of you that missed it, you can catch the FREE replay anytime on our Stop Drop And Dance YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/iKYf7QfBl9g

After dancing 40 songs (2 hours and 50 minutes), we were sweaty, we were tired, and we were ready for the finish line 1 more song away. But the photo above captured what came next. We paused.

This was the magical moment that "The Power With Grace" stands for. Yes we exercise, yes we workout, yes we promote healthy living!  But all of it - the dance, the fitness, the yoga - begins and ends with HEART. With purpose. With intention. With community. With change. With love. With hope. It is so much more than "dancing."

We closed our eyes and listened to "The Love," a brilliant remake of the Black Eyed Peas' original hit, "Where Is the Love?" adding in parts of Joe Biden's speech from the Democratic National Convention and the powerful voice of Jennifer Hudson singing over him. It's so incredible and if you have not heard it, please please please watch this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/Jk7LPpY8pXM

Remember the neighbor that complained about my music on the deck last week?  Today, she rang my doorbell and brought a bag of candy for my girls to thank me for hearing her and respecting her wishes. It was a kind gesture and I appreciate the closure on my silly neighbor drama.

The good news that came out of that?

Who wants to keep dancing at the Elks Lodge?

I signed a 2-week trial to test out if renting the Elks Lodge in San Rafael (same venue as the danceathon) on Tu/Th/Sa 9:30am makes sense. You can sign up on the website www.thepowerwithgrace.com and come IN PERSON starting THIS TUESDAY, October 27th!

  • Non-members: Go to "Take a Class" and choose the drop down option - Zoom livestream for $12 or In-Person class for $20
  • Members: Log in to your dashboard and go to "Weekly Classes."  Choose the "View available add-ons" option to drop-in for $10 (with a maximum of $50 add-on for unlimited in-person classes/month totaling $108/month membership)

Your feedback matters!  Please send me an email with your thoughts:

  • Do you want an outdoor in-person option or do you prefer Zoom livestreams?
  • If yes, how often would you come in-person?
  • Would you still come in the winter when it is cold or raining?
  • Are you ready to be at an indoor venue?
  • Any other thoughts appreciated to help me decide if I should sign a long term contract with the Elks Lodge or not!!!

I'm going left. You're going right. I'm going backwards. You're going forwards. In Stop Drop And Dance class AND in life, it really doesn't matter. What matters is supporting one another, and just moving, together.

I salute you. I see you. I appreciate you.