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August 1, 2022

August 1, 2022

Dear Friends,

Live Classes Cancelled Saturday, August 6 - Wednesday, August 17

My husband has been planning a trip to Singapore for the past 2 years to celebrate my parents' 50th anniversary. Of course, the pandemic unexpectedly postponed our vacation, but finally Singapore is open for travelers this year, and everyone, including my kids, is vaccinated. We are so excited to finally go on our much anticipated summer vacation!

This week's schedule:

- Tuesday, August 2nd, 9:30am 75 Minute Stop Drop and Dance @UUMarin or ZOOM

(***We are dancing for 75 minutes to celebrate Lisa Hudson's birthday!***) 

- Wednesday, August 3rd, 9:30am 60 Minute HIIT Camp 30/30 - ZOOM only

- Thursday, August 4th, 9:30am 60 Minute Stop Drop and Dance & 15 Minute Core/Stretch @UUMarin or ZOOM

The next class after I return will be on Thursday, August 18th, 9:30am Stop Drop and Dance @UU Marin or ZOOM

Members have unlimited access to all of this week's recorded Stop Drop and Dance and HIIT Camp 30/30 classes, as well as our library of on-demand fitness, yoga, and series challenges!  Non-members can purchase any class or series a-la-carte on our website.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

When I look back at my work as an elementary school teacher, and then now as a dance, fitness, and yoga instructor, one common thread is that I have always tried to be real.  My work is to "teach," but my core deeply believes that teaching is just the surface, and what matters more is creating a space where students can:

Learn to grow through every obstacle, find love in every imperfection, and appreciate every breath.

To do this means challenging ourselves to be vulnerable, to share our truths, to speak from our heart, to be ok making mistakes, and to give permission to laugh at ourselves. Repeat: laugh at ourselves!

Here are some laughable and happy moments from the past few weeks that I would like to share with you.  Click on the images below to see the REAL me, perfectly imperfect!

Watch this blooper from Stop Drop and Dance class last Thursday when my music suddenly changed to Hamilton!

Watch what I embarrassingly discovered whenever I go running!

About that wedding I went to last weekend... watch the surprise entrance dance I got to be a part of!

Hello August!

Time flies by way too quickly and too much in life is simply out of our control.  Yesterday after teaching class at the Thorndale Garage, I was stuck for an hour because my car didn't start for the 4th time this month.  And yes, I had already brought it in to get serviced just last week!  This is life just constantly throwing curve balls at us.

Focus on what IS in your control and choose.

Choose to be the person that keeps growing through every obstacle.
Choose to be the person that keeps loving every imperfection. 
Choose to be the person that appreciates every breath.

Have a wonderful week!