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September 27, 2021

September 27, 2021

Dear Friends,

The Magic That Happens

Last weekend, we celebrated a free Stop Drop and Dance class for National Dance Day (pictured above). The magic that happened was anticipating a smaller turnout, but then becoming pleasantly surprised at all the dancers that showed up unexpectedly! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate the gift ofDANCE!

The following day, we taught a private Ross school auction fundraiser class to raise money for their new playground structure (pictured below). The magic that happened was when all the girls ended up dancing behind me in a friendly West Side Story Werk Out against their mamas! Thank you to Jessica Kissane and Amy Lewis for inviting me to teach!

"Life is full of magical moments."

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

This past Saturday, we celebrated Rebecca's birthday in "'The Garage" with her hour-long specially picked playlist. The magic that happened was watching her daughter, Ava, stay up and dance in front of everyone even though she had only been to class once or twice before, and to see how quickly she picked up the dances! So inspiring and so brave!

Join us this Tuesday, September 28th, as we celebrate Wendy Wilkinson's birthday with her special request: "Can we dance for 75 minutes?"  YES, we will for you, Wendy!!!

"It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us."
- JK Rowling

Broken and Beautiful

Also on Saturday, Wendy Rosen came for the first time to “The Garage,” and brought her twin kids to dance. They were not only quick learners, but they also bravely came up on camera several times to dance in front of everyone!

When “Broken and Beautiful” by Kelly Clarkson came on, I was noticing that Wendy’s daughter was singing behind me. Her voice was so sweet, but powerful and intentional. On the final chorus, I decided everyone needed to hear her voice, and so I turned around to offer her the microphone.

The magic that happened was hearing her confidently sing out with all her heart and spirit, and I’m sure everyone who was there in-person to witness her singing felt the same chills I did.

“Can someone, just know me, 'cuz underneath, I’m broken and it’s beautiful! (Don’t try to change a thing!)”

A Safe Place to Land
(One final magical moment worth reading...)

On Thursday, about halfway into our Stop Drop And Dance class at UU Marin, someone walked by and paused to watch us dance. She happened to be wearing workout clothes, so I gestured for her to come in and join us. She hesitated, but the magic that happened was when she threw her arms up, came in, put her purse down, and just STARTED DANCING.

Thank you so much to Susannah Wallenstrom, who was next to her and welcomed her right away, and to everyone else in class who later said hello. THAT is what I love about all of my dancers - THAT kindness, THAT understanding, THAT community.

Turns out, there used to be an Alcoholics Anonymous class before the pandemic at the location we are now renting… and she just showed up assuming it was still happening. Instead, she found us and she jumped right in with an open mind and open heart. We’re just a different kind of way to heal ❤️

She even stayed for the abs and core, and the current stretch song we are using is coincidentally, “A Safe Place to Land,” by Sara Bareilles and John Legend.At the end of the song, she spoke out and said, “Is this song for me?” with tears in her eyes.

Yes, Stop Drop And Dance is our safe place to land.

"Be the hand of a hopeful stranger,
Little scared, but you're strong enough.
Be the light in the dark of this danger,
'Til the sun comes up."

Dance and Donate

Fall is officially here and with October approaching this week, we have two opportunities coming up to dance and raise money for great causes!  

1) This Saturday, October 2nd, we will host our 2nd annual Stop Drop And Dance donation class for B4BC - Boarding for Breast Cancer, a non-profit organization started by our very own Lisa Hudson!  Your donation helps to raise breast cancer awareness, promote healthy lifestyles, and support survivors.

2) The following Saturday, October 9th, we will join Sarah Mackay as we support The Borgen Project, a non-profit organization that addresses poverty and hunger, and works towards ending them.  It is also an innovative national campaign that supports the Girls Lead Act, a bill that recognizes and promotes girls’ civic and political leadership globally.

After you make your donation, you will receive an Eventbrite confirmation in your email with the Zoom link to join class, or you can show up in-person to "The Garage" at 1 Thorndale Drive in San Rafael.  Class will be from 9:30am-10:45am.

“Magic is something you make."

Do You Believe in Magic?

I believe that every day, every moment, is filled with magic.  It's all about perspective and appreciation in even the simplest things.  And giving ourselves the opportunity to pause, and recognize it.

What magic happened to you this past weekend? 

Take a moment to recognize it, put it into words, and SHARE it with someone else.  We all want to know.  Spread the magic that happened to you, and I promise it will make a difference to someone else.