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Happy 2nd Anniversary to US!

December 13, 2021

December 13, 2021

Dear Friends,

Shine Your Light

On December 12th, 2019, The Power With Grace launched as an LLC and Stop Drop and Dance became a trademarked name!

In our first year, our theme was "Better When I'm Dancing." I had celebrated my 40th birthday earlier in 2019 with an insane 3-hour Stop Drop and Dance-a-thon, raising money for Team R.O.C.K. (Real Options for City Kids), and that event made me realize that I wanted to keep sharing this TRUTH and JOY that:

Life IS better when we're dancing!

In our second year, the theme became "Life is a Dance," as printed on our white sweaters and leg warmers. Just like how a dance movement can become quick, then slow, then soft, then hard, life during the unpredictable pandemic also threw us onto a roller coaster of emotions. But dancing together was the one constant that continued throughout the pandemic, and it was my physical, mental, and emotional rock.

We danced through all of life's challenges!

In the start of this third year, our theme will be "Shine Your Light" because 2022 is about coming out of our shells and all the trauma from the pandemic. It is about dancing up front on camera with me, it is about pursuing a new passion project, it is about giving yourself permission for a little self-care and self-love.

2022 is about shining bright and illuminating not only your own path, but lighting a way for others too.

(Thank you to Allyson Josephs for taking the JUMPING photo below!)

Over $19,000 Donated!

Perhaps the most meaningful part of our small business has been celebrating our community members by dancing and giving.  In 2021, we raised over $19,000 to donate to the following non-profit organizations:

Thank you for for your generosity and support!

It's a Celebration!

When life gives us something to celebrate, we learn to shout THANK YOU and make it a celebration to remember!

This past week, we danced a sweaty 75 minutes on Thursday for Laura Briggs with songs "Like This, Like That" and again on Saturday for Laura Seligsohn with a double "Get Me Bodied" track!

Join us this upcoming week as we celebrate Monica Jones on Thursday and Tiffany Singer on Saturday!

Holiday Deals!

If you missed our newsletter last week, here are some special holiday deals to take advantage of before the end of 2021:

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40% Off Apparel

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"When you support a small business, you're supporting a dream."

Whether you take our fitness, yoga, or Stop Drop and Dance classes, or follow our social media, or read these weekly newsletters and blogs, or dance with us on YouTube, or simply send us positive wishes...

Thank you so much for believing, for dreaming, and for your endless support!