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Get Your FREE Shirt Before February 15th!

February 1, 2023

February 1, 2023

Dear Friends,

Introducing Our Official 2023 Tank(T-shirts for kids & men)

There are only 15 days left to get your FREE "Never Gonna Not Dance Again" shirt ($28 value) included with your Dance-a-thon ticket purchase!

We are only doing pre-orders for the shirts, so after February 15th, very limited quantities *may* be available for purchase, but are not guaranteed. Don't miss your chance to match everyone on March 11th!

Invite your friends and purchase your ticket today!

*After your purchase, you will be added to a 2023 Dance-a-thon email group and you will receive the dance of the day in your inbox to practice (with the option to opt-out) - we are on Day 7 of 44!

What If I Just Want The Shirt?

If you cannot make the Dance-a-thon but would still like to purchase our new tank (or t-shirt for men and kids), no problem!  Orders will be accepted only until February 15th.

You can choose to pay for shipping costs or select "local pick up" if you plan to come to class in-person when the shirts arrive.

Please go directly to our "Shop" page to buy a shirt!

Get $15 off $50 at Athleta Until February 5th!

As some of you know, I used to be a sponsored Athleta Brand Ambassador for a few years.  As a result, my wardrobe became 90% Athleta, and over 5 years later, I continue to rotate between all my Athleta clothing: from leggings and tanks, to swimwear and rompers, to casual and nicer dresses, to cardigans and sweaters, and even pajamas and robes!  Clearly, I'm a big Athleta fan!

If you would like to do a little shopping at Athleta, click on the button below to get a coupon for $15 off a $50 purchase, in stores or online.  The discount will expire after February 5th.

Happy Shopping!

A Special Zoom Birthday for Jen Liao!

It's always much harder to do birthday celebrations over Zoom for our dancers who live too far to come in-person.  They still get to make their personalized birthday Stop Drop and Dance playlists and they can invite friends to join on Zoom, but they don't get to come up to the front of class like our in-person dancers do.

Last Thursday, we celebrated Jen Liao's birthday, who discovered dancing with us since the start of the pandemic...

...and something so sweet happened!

For the last song, we spotlighted Jen on Zoom, and as we begin dancing to "Brave," I was pointing out how Jen always dances in her closet and that it is her Zoom background I always recognize... and then...

Even though none of the in-person dancers actually "know" Jen, one by one they came up to the front to see her (and her closet), until the whole class was in front of the computer!

It was honestly a total surprise and it was just such a tremendously sweet gesture. You are such truly kind, amazing people!  Thank you for celebrating our community in so many ways!

Happy Birthday Jen!

Wonder Woman Appearance Today!

As you can probably tell, I believe that everyone should be celebrated on their birthday.  We celebrate kids' birthdays all the time, but as we have gotten older, we tend to keep our birthdays a secret and our special day goes by just like any other day.

That's not ok!

It doesn't have to be big, but at the minimum, we should at least hear a "Happy Birthday" right?  And honestly, doesn't it feel good to say "Happy Birthday" to someone and wish them well?  

Most of us enjoy celebrating and giving our love to others.  Sometimes we need to learn to accept love for ourselves too.

Today is Sarah Laffer's actual birthday and her family was so sweet to decorate her house with balloons and a Wonder Woman theme!  She came to our Wednesday 9:30am HIIT Camp 30/30 class dressed in her family's "birthday outfit" (Wonder Woman shirt, headband, and even a cape!)!

What a perfect costume because all of us who make it to the end of HIIT each week, ARE Wonder Women (seriously).  Come join us for Wednesdays 9:30am HIIT or 10:45am Yoga and see for yourself!

So glad you started your birthday morning with us Sarah!

February Schedule

Looking ahead into this new month of February, please save the date for next Thursday, February 9th at 9:30am for a "When I'm 64" Stop Drop and Dance birthday class for Debby Strenkofsky at UUMarin!

Also, my family will be going skiing during the President's Week when there is no school. Please mark your calendars:

Classes Will Be Cancelled
Saturday, February 18 - Saturday, February 25

*All classes from the previous week will be available to take on-demand.  Thank you for your understanding and support!*

"Life is about balance.
Be kind, but don't let people abuse you.
Trust, but don't be deceived.
Be content, but never stop improving yourself."