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October 20, 2020

October 19, 2020

Dear Friends,

I started teaching on my deck just 4 weeks ago. Prior to that since March, I was dancing by myself inside my living/dining room with all the furniture pushed aside. But when Marin moved to Tier 2, I was ready to be with YOU, in person. So I asked my direct neighbors around me for permission, scrubbed and cleaned off my deck, and upgraded all my internet to be able to teach outside.

It was the BEST decision.

There is something healing about breathing fresh air, feeling the sunshine on your face, and most importantly, being together physically with OTHERS. Plus, I was at my ideal location - home! The past 4 weeks reminded me that yes, I want to keep the online livestream options available for all of you who can only join from home, however, I also need to move in the direction of my initial dream - gathering together in person as a community, sharing our energy, and lifting one another in the sweatiest way possible.

Then this past Saturday after class, a neighbor I didn't know walked by my house and complained. My music was too loud. My music was distracting her and her husband working from home. My music was making her child fail school.

She broke my spirit.

All weekend, I spoke with students, I brainstormed solutions, I looked up places to rent, I drove around testing Wi-Fi in public places, I tried so many times to walk to my neighbor's house to ask for a compromise, "Can I try turning my music down?" "Can I buy your family noise-canceling headphones?" "Can I invite you to join us?"  But each time, I'd turn around just as I got close to her house because I am so not confrontational, and honestly I am scared. My daughters would try to encourage me, "You can do it Mama!" "We'll go with you and talk to her." "Be brave Mama!" Gosh, what would I do without these two?

Speaking of raising daughters, have you watched this 1 minute 30 second video, "Girl In The Mirror?"  If not, please click here.

In the big picture of our country and Covid and the elections, these are tiny matters. I know. But all these "little stones" - whether it's an unsupportive neighbor, or technology failing, or another cost to pay - eventually pile up and boy does it feel like a wall.  Therefore this week, there will be no in-person classes since I am teaching from home again, but I am determined to change that in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted.

Until then...

I know where I'll be on Saturday!!!  Our 2nd Annual Stop Drop And Dance-A-Thon from 3-7pm at the Elks Lodge Outdoor Magnolia Courtyard in San Rafael!  We have last minute tickets until we sell out at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/122659071585


*NEW!* We will be streaming for FREE on YouTube Live for the first time (fingers-crossed it works!) at https://youtu.be/iKYf7QfBl9g

You can join us for one song or dance all 41 songs from 3-6pm, and please feel free to share the link with anyone who would like to "dance a danceathon!" This free dance-a-thon is a super unique event we'd like to share to the world, but we absolutely need YOUR help to promote Stop Drop And Dance to friends, family, and even on your social media. Please spread the word - 3pm Saturday, October 24th on YouTube!

Thank you so much for your constant love, support, and friendship, and hey, let's love our neighbors right?