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September 28, 2020

March 29, 2020

Dear Friends,

Perfectly imperfect.  Yesterday was March 28th... the day our 2nd Annual Dance-a-thon would have taken place.  I thought of all of you who were there last year.  I thought of all of you who bought a ticket and had planned to attend this year.  It didn't happen yesterday, but it's ok.  October 24th is our new date, and now we have more time to make it even better =).  We already have 7 confirmed tickets!  If you are interested in purchasing yours now, click here: Dance-A-Thon Tickets.

Shelter-in-place for sure is drastic and a complete change from what we know.  

I would love to visit my parents and have a sleepover with my sister's family like we do each month.  I would love to see my 100-year-old grandmother.  I would love to hang out with my girlfriends and chat while eating our favorite desserts.  I would love to teach yoga and be able to give hands-on-adjustments.   I would love to teach Stop Drop And Dance without worrying about the audio and visual freezing on me.  I would love to have gone to our cancelled Hawaii trip next week.  I would love to go to the movie theater.  I would love to send my girls to school so they could see their friends.  I would love to stop reading sad news.  I would love to stop having that sickening feeling in my stomach, all the time.

At the same time, the shelter-in-place has brought about many blessings.  

I love being home wearing my cozy robe and slippers.  I love that extra hour of sleep in the morning that would normally be for commuting.  I love the free time my girls and I have everyday to play board games or video games.  I love that my husband has a slightly shorter day from work.  I love that my dog is totally confused why her long daily naps are gone now.  I love that I get to slowly tend to some household chores that were on my to-do list 5 years ago.  I love that last night, I had a 2-hour Zoom call with my old dance ministry Eight Count, and today I had a 3-hour Zoom call with my girlfriends and their daughters.  I love that among the stories of tragedy, there are stories of hope, laughter, kindness, and gratitude.  I love that our world is united for the first time, and that I get messages from old students or friends in different continents checking in.  I love that my parents, sister, nieces, and best friend have been dancing with me on Zoom.  

I love that I am still connected to all of you.

I appreciate all the feedback from my Stop Drop And Dance Zoom classes.  I am trying to listen to your suggestions and keep improving.  It's very much 2 steps forward, 1 step back, each time I teach.  I tried a new HD Logitech Webcam today which drastically improved the lighting of the video, but then in the middle of class, it threw off my audio/visual synchronization.  The quote at the beginning of this post was a response from one of my students, Tiffany, who took class this morning and was so loving in her email afterwards.  Thank you, Tiffany.  And thank you Sararose for sharing the picture of your Zoom class on your windowsill =)

Here are some of the changes for this week:

  • Classes will be on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 9:30am and I changed Wednesday/Sunday to 4:30pm (vs. 4pm).  Classes are still 75 minutes with 60 minutes dance and an optional 15 minutes abs/core.  
  • I am lowering the price for a ONE WEEK PASS to $30 which covers THREE classes during the week, and an optional TWO FREE classes (must be used in a 7-day period).
  • Instagram/Facebook Live: Several of you have mentioned that the audio/visual quality is so much better on IG or FB Live.  I will try to play with Livestreaming this week, perhaps the first few songs of class, but unfortunately it will not be the whole class as of now due to my fear of copyright issues on those platforms.
  • FIRST CLASS FREE! Many of you expressed that you would like to invite friends to join our Zoom class to try it out... so now they can for free! *Offer for someone who has never taken any Stop Drop And Dance classes*.  Please forward this email to them and make it a Zoom Date!

To register for a class, go to and select the date you want to take class in the calendar.  A box with an eventbrite link will pop up, which is where you can buy General Admission ($10), Weekly Pass ($30), or First Class Free tickets.  Any questions, email


Perfectly Imperfect.

Sending you so much love during this time.  Some of us are struggling with homeschooling our kids.  Some of us can't stop eating junk food from the pantry (me).  Some of us are barely making ends meet.  Wherever you are.  First and foremost, stay-at-home to stay healthy.  Secondly, stay connected because you are not alone.  Finally, stay grateful and find the perfectly imperfect moments all around you.