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Donation Class Saturday to Fight For the Underdog

October 4, 2021

October 4, 2021

Dear Friends,

Find Your WHY

On Saturday we had a Stop Drop And Dance fundraiser class and YOU raised $744 for B4BC and Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Thank you so much to everyone who donated!

B4BC, Boarding for Breast Cancer, was co-founded 25 years ago by one of our dearest dancers, Lisa Hudson.

Please take 45 seconds to listen to WHY she started this non-profit organization (click on picture below):

Why? Because you make a difference

The WHY is what we should focus our energies on. Immerse ourselves in work we truly believe in. Spend time with the people who matter most. Find our own way to create a better world.

And if we have a hobby or activity that takes up a lot of time and energy, but there is no meaningful WHY behind it… then maybe it’s not worth it anymore. Maybe we need to change directions. Maybe we need to let go of old habits so that we have space to create new ones that are aligned with our truest purpose.

Thank you, Lisa, for honestly being one of the bravest, and most inspirational person I know. Thank you for sharing your stories, always. Thank you for opening your heart in the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Thank you for turning your pain into impact and change, and saving lives because of it. 💗

Why? Because you fight for the underdog

Join us THIS Saturday, October 9th, as we support The Borgen Project, a non-profit organization that addresses poverty and hunger, and works towards ending them. It is also an innovative national campaign that supports the Girls Lead Act, a bill that recognizes and promotes girls’ civic and political leadership globally.

Thank you to host, Sarah MacKay, for organizing this event! Here is what The Borgen Project means to her:

"As a young woman, I believed disempowering thoughts about myself, that I couldn't make a difference. There are pivotal times in one's life when we are moved to take action, to relinquish disempowering thoughts, and as a result, are forever transformed by it. One such moment was when I realized my voice mattered in creating transformational change for others.  I could empower others by advocating for girls worldwide through the Girls Lead Act. A bill that directs the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to jointly report to Congress a strategy to strengthen the participation of adolescents, particularly girls, in democracy, human rights, and governance."

After you make your donation, you will receive an Eventbrite confirmation in your email with the Zoom link to join class, or you can show up in-person to "The Garage" at 1 Thorndale Drive in San Rafael.  Class will begin at 9:30am.

Why? Because YOU should be celebrated

This past Tuesday, we celebrated our very own Wonder Woman (WW), Wendy Wilkinson's birthday, with a hot and sweaty 75-minute playlist (wearing masks too!). The photo below truly captures the crazy fun we have together - we are literally ALL FLYING!!! Woohoo!

Join us this Thursday, October 7th, as we celebrate Kim Lewis' birthday with another 75-minute playlist.  Come dance with us! 

If you have a birthday, celebration, or event coming up, let's coordinate and get something on the calendar!  

Why?  Because you CAN do it

If you've taken my Stop Drop And Dance class, I have a saying that an hour of our dancingis just like running 6 miles. At 30 minutes, we've run 3 miles. At the 50 minute mark, it's like we've ran 5 miles and have 1 mile left. We get to the finish line, together.

Today, my daughters had a school Fun Run fundraiser with options to do a 5K, 1 mile, or 1/2 mile run.

I signed us all up to do the 5K.  Yes, including my 6-year-old. 

For sure they were the youngest participants and it is a little crazy and unconventional, but don't forget, who have beenmy #1 backup dancers for the past year and a half since the pandemic started? Who can dance for 60-75 minutes non-stop? Who keeps dancing even when they don't feel like it?

My girls. 

We have a family saying, "We do things together," and we really try to honor that. 

THAT'S why I signed them up for the 5K. They CAN do it. And they DID.

My older 4th grade daughter beat her own record and finished in 31 minutes and my younger one set her first 5Krecord in 38 minutes, but what matters most is that they really tried hard, told themselves over and over that they could do it, and they crossed the finish line SPRINTING! So proud of them!!!

(After the 5K, my little one voluntarily jumped into the 1/2 mile run because all her friends were doing it!  🔥)

Why?  Because of all of YOU

Moments like fundraisers, birthdays, and time with friends and family, are my WHY.

Why I continue to teach Stop Drop And Dance in a parking garage with no bathroom.

Why I teach yoga and fitness on Zoom and record in my garage.

Why I deal with noise complaints and haters who leave the meanest comments.

Why I love what I do and why I just can’t stop.

You are my WHY and you are all my inspiration.