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Dance with us on Thanksgiving morning (no class Saturday)!

November 22, 2021

November 22, 2021

Dear Friends,

Take a break from cooking...

...and start off Thanksgiving morning with a 75 minute Stop Drop and Dance workout! Join us at 9:30am on Zoom from home, or come in-person to UU Marin, located at 240 Channing Way in San Rafael.

My family tradition for holidays has been to have a sleepover at my parents' house with my sister's family too. We had done this for years and years, except last year, when the pandemic prevented us to gather longer than a few hours in my parent's backyard (brrr!!!). I am SO THANKFUL that we get to resume our family tradition and spend the long weekend together in our jammies!

Therefore, class will be CANCELED on Saturday, November 27th.

*Click here to upload your proof of vaccination if you come in-person to our Tuesday/Thursday venue at UU Marin!*

Birthday Celebrations!

This past Tuesday, we celebrated Jean Deal's birthday at UU Marin! She started off her playlist with "Alive" by Sia, and finished on a super high with "Confident" by Demi Lovato. Proud of Jean for coming up front to dance both of those songs!

On Saturday, we celebrated Laura Duffy's birthday online with our opening song,"Where is the Love" by the Black Eyed Peas, then the rest of the playlist was chosen by Erin Dimiero, who finished our class dancing to "I Am Here" by Pink. Thank you to all of Erin's friends who showed up and surrounded her with love and awesome energy!

Community Highlight

So there's this class I teach on Wednesdays at 9:30am... some of you know it is called HIIT Camp 30/30 =) I used to teach it at Bay Club with a room full of hard-working, determined ladies.

Once the pandemic hit, I only continued this class on Zoom, and truth be told, it is much harder to stay motivated pushing hard through a workout like HIIT on a computer screen from home! However, I have had a handful of dedicated members that join in each week, and two specific ladies drop-in consistently to endure the 50% torture, 100% rewarding workout.

Daniela and Abby
I'd like to thank them for consistently showing up and doing the hard work with me week after week, by sharing a little about their work and supporting their businesses.

Meet Daniela Kratz

Daniela is the Founder and Creator of Farmhouse Lab, a brand for joyful, sustainable eating that inspires the health-conscious foodie make food more often at home again and to share it in community.

Farmhouse Lab handcrafts 100% Vegan Real Food Dressings that are built on the desire to have delicious, clean and pure dressings at hand for the health-conscious foodie.The secret of their Real Food Dressings are blends of oils with ingredients carefully selected from artisan producers who share a commitment to sustainability - you can smell and taste the difference in quality.

Get 20% off a 4-Pack Sampler with code 4PACK20 until 11/30/21 or purchase "Local Holidays" gift boxes: a collaboration of 9 local, eco-friendly, women-owned businesses!

Click here to shop at Farmhouse Lab

Meet Abby Thrasher

Abby recently completed a Health Coaching program with the Kresser Institute and is currently working towards certification! To become officially certified, she needs to log 25 coaching sessions by Feb 7, 2022 and to help reach this goal, she is offering her coaching services at a discounted sliding scale rate of $0-40 per session!

Can't make a long term commitment but could use a jump-start with your health goals, no problem! Signing up for just 1-2 sessions is definitely an option!

Common areas Abby partners with clients around:
-Postpartum Moms (Abby's niche)
-Weight loss
-Stress management
-Diet / Nutrition
-Self care 
-Really anything that affects your health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

Schedule a session at

Happy Thanksgiving
from my family to yours!

Today be thankful
and think
how rich you are.
Your family is priceless.
Your health is wealth.
Your time is gold.

- Zig Ziglar