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November 16, 2020

November 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

When we hear the term, "Code Red," most of us think of some sort of emergency. Well, that's what's happening in our world, once again, with the new surge of coronavirus. As of today, most of California has been demoted back to square one, the Purple Tier, except for a handful of counties such as San Francisco and Marin, which are hanging on in the Red Tier. Over 8 months into Covid-19, the combination of all of us getting more relaxed about restrictions, plus the weather changes encouraging more indoor gatherings, has become a major Code PURPLE.

Today, I sadly join all of you who have cancelled Thanksgiving plans, and it really, really, sucks. My sister and my family were looking forward to sleeping over and spending all Thanksgiving week together at my parents' house. I had a plan to take my kids out of school this week and have them do distance-learning, then we would take a test on Saturday, get the results on Tuesday, and sleepover until Sunday.

So why can't we keep the plan?

Because it's not safe enough. Even my usually-risk-tolerant husband is concerned about the surge of new cases and the only way we can guarantee staying safe is if we all did a 14-day quarantine before gathering together. Who can take off 2 weeks of work and then take a week of vacation?  Hopefully, your family can. If you and your extended family members are all able to work and go to school from home for 2 weeks, then please, please do it. Make it work! Then you can have a wonderful, worry-free Thanksgiving with loved ones!

However, if you or your partner are essential workers and can't take off "3 weeks of work," I'm sorry to say you're out of luck. If the cases were lower and improving like it had been, then the risk would definitely be lower and more worth taking. That's just not the case right now. Gathering indoors with others is simply, not a good idea. Social bubbles indoors don't work if your social bubbles change from week to week. Eating indoors cannot happen unless we take off masks. Key word for us all: indoors.

Did I already say this sucks? Wait till I tell my kids tonight... or tomorrow... or when will it sting the least?

Give me some good news.

Diwali, the Festival of Light, was this past Saturday, and it is a holiday that celebrates "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance." We know coronavirus is real. We know it spreads viciously when people are indoors and unmasked. We know that shelter-in-place worked for us before, and it can work again.

We also know that we can GO OUTSIDE! Yes, there's still the great outdoors you guys!!! There's running and biking and even going to the beach. I will still see my parents and sister's family during Thanksgiving weekend, but we'll be hiking somewhere instead of eating around the dinner table. Those of us in California really cannot complain about the weather, even as winter approaches. Get together outdoors, socially distanced, and masked, and it'll just be a different, but still special, Thanksgiving.

My biggest mistake the first half of Covid-19 was staying completely indoors - literally every minute. Not only was I the palest in my entire life, but my mental (and physical) health deteriorated. I had no motivation, no spark. Then I started teaching on my deck 2 months ago, and my entire mental health changed. I needed the fresh air. I needed the movement.  And I needed to see all of you in-person and feel your energy shining beyond the computer screen.

Regardless what Tier we are in, I invite you to Stop Drop And Dance with us Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9:30am. We are outdoors with a covered ceiling protecting us from rain, we are socially distanced, we will keep our masks on as best we can, and now since I am not going anywhere, I'll be teaching all throughout November, even Thanksgiving morning.

Take a look at our stay-dry-through-winter spaces below!

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30am at Pelo Fitness: 171 3rd Street, San Rafael

Owner Alan Roberts has been tremendously generous sharing his sound system for our classes. He also just covered this area with orange tarps that can fit 20 dancers! Plenty of parking right past Trader Joe's in downtown San Rafael, and across from San Rafael High School.

Saturdays 9:30am at One Thorndale Lower Parking Garage: 1 Thorndale Drive, San Rafael

Now nicknamed "The Garage," we are so excited to dance (music-video style) in the lower covered parking garage, overlooking San Rafael and Northgate Mall. Plenty of space for 100 dancers and cars one day... *gotta dream big right?*

Announcing our special giveaway through the rest of 2020!

If you know you want to dance 1-2x a week in person, be one of the first 25 members to subscribe for our new unlimited IN-PERSON & ONLINE membership for $108 and you will get a $50 Athleta Shop Card as a thank you present!  Current online only members - you can upgrade your account and your membership will be prorated! Of course, our Zoom online classes and previously-live recordings will always be an option.

Explore all of our class options at:

I miss you all. I miss my family. I miss vacations.  I miss a lot of things. But there is light ahead, and we've just got to keep doing what makes our light shine brightest.

Sending you lots of love,