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February 20, 2024

February 16, 2024

Dear Friends,

Click on the image above to watch a one minute highlight reel of our Galentine's birthday with Debby, Eliza and Gina!

Happy Galentine's Day!

This past Tuesday, we danced in a sea of red, pink and white for our Stop Drop and Dance class!

Thank you to our birthday gals Debby Strenkofsky, Eliza Desch, and Gina Mazza for bringing heart headbands, sunglasses and necklaces as well as Debby's “WTF I’m 65!” cookies to share!

A highlight was starting class off with Debby’s husband, Tony, Debby’s son Brandon, and Debby’s niece, Amanda! It was all their first times to class, and they were such good sports wearing matching snoopy heart shirts and dancing to “All in the Wrist!"

After class, we had a community potluck outside on the hill for an opportunity to chat and eat!

Love love love our community and Happy Birthdays Debby, Eliza and Gina!

Click on the image above to watch a one minute highlight reel of Allison and Kim's birthday!

Strong Women!

On Thursday morning, our dance crew showed up powerful in an all-black theme to celebrate strong women! Our birthday girls, Allison Hagey and Kim Stuart chose a 75 minute all-female artist Stop Drop and Dance playlist!

Thank you to Allison for bringing metallic jelly bracelets to wear and letting us celebrate her for the very first time, and thank you to Kim for being a dedicated regular dancer with us since long before the pandemic!

Thank you to everyone who was able to join on Thursday to celebrate and Happy Birthdays Allison and Kim!

Click on the image above to see our full 2024 calendar!

See you on February 29th!

My family and I are currently at SFO airport and we are about to fly to JAPAN for a postponed Covid trip!

For those of you that ski a lot in Tahoe, you probably have the Epic or Icon season pass. Since we don't own property in Tahoe, the drive has gotten more miserable when it snows, prices have gone up for lodging, and the lift lines have become ridiculously long... so the past few years, we've decided to explore other out-of-state ski resorts on the season pass that are much larger mountains and more worth our time and money!

My husband travels for work a week everymonth, so we always have lots of points to use for flights and hotels. We havebeen fortunate to visit Park City, Whistler, Beaver Creek, Vail, and ... during the beginning of Covid, we were supposed to go to Niseko United Ski Resort in Hokkaido, Japan!

We are so excited to re-take that trip now, and we will be exploring a 1 daylayover in Taiwan, 4 days in Sapporo, 4 days in Niseko, and a 1 day layover in Tokyo before flying back to San Francisco.

Thank you for understanding this important time off with my family!  Classes will resume on Thursday, February 29th for Stop Drop and Dance at 9:30am @UUMarin!

When there are no live classes, members have unlimited access to all the previously-live recorded classes on-demand, or non-members can purchase classes a-la-carte.  Thank you for your understanding!

Click on the image above to read The Conversation article, "Running or yoga can help beat depression, research shows - even if exercise is the last thing you feel like." (Thank you Seran Kim for sharing!)

My Type of Valentine

I am so extremely grateful to be able to teach dance and share what I love with others, but more importantly, I am truly blessed by this Power With Grace community.

Being around this community literally fills my soul.

I teach my classes from my heart.
I truly want to spread happiness and joy.
I believe in kindness and good.
I am an eternal optimist and will always find positivity any way I can.
I want everyone to feel seen and know they are never alone.
I know life sucks at many times, and I want to lift people up.

So I show up when I feel good.
I show up when I don’t.
I show up and make mistakes on a daily basis.
I look a total hot mess 90% of class.
I cry mid-class.
I tell stories and forget choreography.
I panic.
I freak out.
I have my real-life, real-human moments, all the time.

So for Valentine's week, I want to express my love and gratitude for this community that somehow understands my heart, my intention, and my deep purpose for trying to make life better. And in those moments when things aren’t so perfect and I falter or fall, this community always, always gives ME grace.

That is love, isn’t it?
To be loved unconditionally as our imperfectly perfect selves.

Thank you, friends.