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Can You Breathe?

September 28, 2020

June 1, 2020

Dear Friends,

I wanted to title this week's blog, "Speechless."  And end it there.  

But I can't.  

If I am speechless, then that means I've gone back to staying silent.

If I am speechless, then that means I've gone back to my little bubble.

If I am speechless, then that means I've gone back to doing nothing.

So instead, I changed the title to, "Can You Breathe?" because by now I am sure you have heard the phrase over and over again, "I Can't Breathe."  The phrase that automatically makes me feel sick to my stomach and brings tears to my eyes.  I regret watching the video of the police officers pinning George Floyd to the ground.  I regret hearing his pleads for air and for help.  I regret witnessing a man actually die.  

But no, I don't regret it, because it happened.  George Floyd DIED because of racism and police brutality and I needed to see it.  You needed to see it.


I can't breathe.  I am suffocating in emotions I can't even sort through.  The problem is, this is not a rare occurrence by any means.  The problem is, this happens all the time with no punishment!  The problem is, our world is so racist and I've just turned my eye and stayed in my comfortable little bubble.  

What used to happen and what is happening now hasn't changed.

What has changed is the amount of witnesses taking videos and photos and posting it on social media.  What has changed are the collective voices that are actually getting petitions signed and officers arrested.  What has changed is that you and I are deeply involved whether we know it or not, and it is time to stop being speechless.


But A LOT more change has to happen.  And it starts with all of us.  I am no expert but I know I want to do something, so here are 5 ideas I encourage you to explore with me:

5 Ideas to Create Change and Make #BlackLivesMatter

1) Self Educate: Read books or articles, listen to podcasts, and do the work to analyze your own biases or prejudices.  We all can learn.  I just started following @rachel.cargle on Instagram and am reading through her amazing resources (thank you Vicky and Wendy!) as well as @readlikearockstar who has a straight-forward way of teaching about cultural diversity (thank you Steph!).

2) Speak Up: If you're on social media, share resources, spread awareness, TALK!  Begin conversations with your family, friends, co-workers, etc. about racism (and don't be afraid to change your friend status if you find major differences in beliefs).  I just started following @thetututeacher who has a lot of children resources about race and color, and I will attempt to talk with my girls about racism (thank you Steph again!)

3) Sign a Petition: Help get the officers who knelt on George Floyd arrested!  Change.Org: or Color of Change:

4) Donate: There are so many organizations to choose from such as  Black Lives Matter or your local BLM chapter: or NAACP: or Campaign Zero to end police brutality:

5) Show Up:  Find a march or peaceful protest to join.  Or here's a way to participate today, Monday at 11am (thank you Sarah!):

Donation Class This Wednesday, June 3rd at 4:30pm PST

Please join me this Wednesday as we dance and raise money for #BlackLivesMatter.  60 minutes of dancing starts at 4:30pm PST and all the money raised will be donated.  Or if you just want to donate with us, then that's wonderful too!  Click here for the direct Eventbrite donation link:

Finally, my blog wouldn't be complete without a Tiktok right?  Here's this week's 15-second video on how I've experienced racism as an Asian:

With very few answers but a lot of love,