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March 1, 2021

March 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

Happy March!

A new month is here and that means we have added TEN new classes on-demand for you to take:

* 8x8 Series (8 Minutes x 8 Days): Booty So Sore 
* 60 Minute Yin Yoga: Massage Balls
* 60 Minute Gentle Vinyasa Yoga: Hang Out
* 60 Minute Power Yoga: Funky
*60 Minute YogaBurn: Perseverance
* 45 Minute Bootcamp 30/30: Strong is the New Skinny
* 45 Minute TRX: Strong-ER with Dumbbells
*20 Minute: Head & Neck Stretch
* 20 Minute: HIIT Cardio
* 20 Minute: Full Body TRX

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"The Chuck-E-Cheese for Women" 

One of our dancers, Allyson, has figured it out.  When kids have birthdays, they want to go to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate with their friends.  Well, when we have a birthday or special event, let's Stop Drop And Dance together!  

Happy birthday this past week to Kim and Sararose, who had a joint dance party on Tuesday, and Sophie who celebrated her special day on Saturday in "The Garage!"  

If you have a birthday, corporate team-building, reunion, school auction, fundraiser, or any other special event in mind, let us help you throw your party!   

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Let's do some shopping!

Athleta is having a Friends and Family event this week from March 4-8.  As a former Brand Ambassador and Fit Pro, I have a special code for you to save 20% off your entire purchase!  Feel free to share this link to anyone who loves Athleta too!

Check out Marcy and Sara showing off our new "Life is a Dance" sweater and leg warmers (thank you Helen for taking this photograph)!

Get your sweater and leg warmers here!

Roller Skating is IN!

For those of you who join in on Saturday to Stop Drop And Dance class, we are starting an "unofficial" roller skating party. After class ends at 10:45am, we have about 20 minutes of free skate time before the garage doors close at 11:15am (SHARP!). It's not a whole lot of time, but it's just enough to skate around for fun on the smooth floors in the garage. More reason to come dance on Saturdays with us! Thank you to Catherine, Shannon, and Laura, who brought back the childhood fun!

A Reminder to Explore.

Spring has arrived and those of us in California had an unusually warm 75 degree week.  With the beautiful sunshine and blue skies, my daughters begged me this weekend to go "exploring."  

"What do you mean, exploring?" I asked.

They wanted to "just walk"... to not know where they were going, not have a plan, not have a map...

Reluctantly, I agreed to "explore" with them.  We headed down our street and I let them lead the way.  We found a dead end on one street.  We passed by 3 deer on another.  Then they found a single-track path that I had never seen before, leading up a grassy hill.  

OK... let's explore.

Up and up and around we went, following this trail that passed by backyards of homes, then past some huge water tanks used by the county that I never knew were there, then to tops of hills and eventually to open space.  They looked for landmarks to help us remember our way, they stopped to find birds they heard in the trees above, they noticed sparkling rocks on the ground, they even found a heart made from rocks. 

We explored for 2 hours and at the end, they were pooped, but I was refreshed.

They reminded me what it was like to be a kid again. 

To see, to hear, to feel, to wander...
To trust, to play, to discover...
To take life a little-less seriously, to stop worrying, to not always have a plan. 
To explore. 

I hope we explore more.