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July 11, 2022

July 11, 2022

Dear Friends,

I know, right? 

What in the world is going on in this picture?

So this past Wednesday, I had to get a minor surgery (honestly it should just be called a "procedure" compared to all the other REAL surgeries out there), but nevertheless, it required general anesthesia and was still terrifying for me (knock on wood I've been blessed to have this be my first visit to the OR in 43 years).

My doctor and I both thought I would bounce back immediately (after all, my first question at the pre-op appointment was, "So... can I teach the next day?"), but later that evening I still felt a bit tired and weak. I regretted not scheduling a day of rest but it was too late now.

My daughter's fortune cookie that night gave me the motivation I needed:

I wish I could say I felt great after teaching Thursday morning, but the truth is my body scolded me and screamed at me with a fever and a splitting headache that day. Thankfully the fever was gone Friday but the headache and fatigue remained.

Again, I regretted scheduling my class for Saturday morning, but because it was a special fundraiser birthday class, I really could not justify canceling. It'd be different if it was Covid or the fever was still there, but a headache?

Stay Positive.
Work Hard.
Make It Happen.


Looking back, yes I learned my lesson. I am not super human like all the Marvel characters my family watches, and I need to make smarter choices regarding more recovery and rest in the future (seriously!).

However, I also learned that when we have purpose, we can overcome anything and persevere! I wouldn't have gotten out of bed, period, let alone to exercise, if it were just for myself, BUTI was able to get out of bed because I wanted to be there for my dancers. That purpose gave me strength.

Purpose is giving to others. 
Purpose is helping others. 
Purpose is sharing with others. 
Purpose is inspiring others. 
Purpose is loving others. 

 "The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

Thank you for your support!

These were just some of the faces that attended our fundraiser birthday class in-person this past Saturday for Kathleen Belzer. We also had many new friends join virtually on Zoom!

YOU helped to raise $1660 for the California Nurse Midwives Foundation!

Thank you for supporting Kathleen's foundation and celebrating her birthday by dancing together (and thank you to the 2 random strangers who helped to jump my car after class in the garage because my battery died and I was stuck inside... I mean... it's just one of those weeks!).

Splash into summer!

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Please mark your calendars for these cancelled classes:
* Saturday, July 23rd 
* Saturday, August 6th to Tuesday, August 16th

We have a full schedule of classes this week and I'd love to see you in-person or on Zoom if you're around!  Otherwise, safe travels and stay healthy!