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*10* New Classes On-Demand for Spring Break (NO LIVE CLASSES THIS WEEK)!

April 4, 2021

April 4, 2021

Dear Friends,

Who's on Spring Break?

We will not have any in-person or live Zoom classes this week because of spring break.

Classes will resume on Tuesday, April 13th for Stop Drop And Dance at PELO Fitness in San Rafael. 

Instead, we have added TEN new classes on-demand for you to take:

* 8x8 Series (8 Minutes x 8 Days): Explore Meditation
* 60 Minute Yin Yoga: Endless Support
* 60 Minute Gentle Vinyasa Yoga: Good To Yourself
* 60 Minute Power Yoga: Lotus Pose
* 60 Minute YogaBurn: Stepping Stones
* 45 Minute Bootcamp 30/30: Motivate Yourself
* 45 Minute TRX: Spring Into Action
* 20 Minute: Standing Stretch
* 20 Minute: Cardio and Core
* 20 Minute: Arms and Core

PLUS, previously-live recordings are available all week for:

* Tuesday, March 30th Happy Birthday Andrea - Stop Drop And Dance
* Wednesday, March 31st - HIIT Cardio Strength
* Thursday, April 1st Happy Birthday Marcy - Stop Drop And Dance
* Saturday, April 3rd Happy Birthday Ammie - Stop Drop And Dance

Or Become a Member for $58/Month...

...and get unlimited access to ALL ON-DEMAND CONTENT, plus Zoom livestreams and previously-live recordings for Stop Drop And Dance™ and HIIT!

Or upgrade to an In-Person Unlimited Membership for $108 and join us for Stop Drop And Dance every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9:30am in San Rafael.

My broken heart.

On Tuesday this past week, a friend came by and entered through my backyard deck. The gate wasn't closed and as we were talking, I didn't notice my 11-year-old toy goldendoodle, Miya, leave the deck area into our side yard.   

She must have tried to be her sweetest, kindest, spunkiest self, and went up to greet a buck.  I heard my Miya give a helpless yelp and I painstakingly ran down to rescue her, but as I scooped her up, there was blood on her underside. 

Panicked, I drove her to our vet, where they examined her with an X-ray, and said she had broken 4 ribs and her sternum because the buck kicked her in the chest.  But the good news was that her lungs weren't punctured or bleeding, and were just bruised, and her bones would heal on their own in time. 

We believed she completely lucked out and she would recover.

That first night, we brought Miya home with an oxygen tank and my husband slept on the floor next to her to make sure she was breathing well.  She made it through the hardest part, that first night, and the next day we dropped her off at the vet again so they could monitor her all day.

At the end of Wednesday, we brought her home and even though she was clearly in pain as you'd imagine with broken bones, she looked so alert and kept fighting.  She was going to get through this, we all believed, even the vet.

But it was more.  A 7-pound dog is no match for a huge buck.  

What we didn't know is that my little Miya fought to breathe all day at the vet, just so that she could make it home with us one more time, and while we finished dinner, she laid down and took her last breath.  She passed away to our shock and disbelief, and each of us held her in our arms for hours that night, drowning in the most painful grief I have ever experienced. 

My first child, my best friend, my caretaker.  I see and feel Miya everywhere I go in the house, because she never left my side and was so intertwined into my daily routine. 

She took care of me.  

I planned to have many more years with Miya, but as we all have experienced at one time or another, nothing is in our control.  I am learning that hard lesson now and this week has been so difficult. I thank all of you for supporting me the past few days, and I know all of you understand my pain.  

"The work of grieving is to transform a gaping wound into a bearable scar." (thank you to Lisa Canin for sharing this quote)